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Dog Bill of Sale Template: Provide a Transaction Bill Easily

A dog is a nice and cute animal for a pet lover. Nowadays, some people sell this animal since there are so many breeders and pet lovers that hunt a dog. If you are one of the dog sellers, you can try to use dog bill of sale template. This template has a big role to simplify you while making a transaction with the buyers. Are you interested in it? If so, you can find various samples of printable dog bill of sale template on this page. All of them are free to download without any charge.

General Details in the Dog Bill of Sale Template

In this template, you will find some details to fill in that will help you provide the best bill to your customers. Here they are.

  1. Name of seller and buyer

First, if you use this template, you will see the blank spaces to write details of your name as sellers and the buyer. It is important to write since it will show the identity of both sides who make a transaction.

  1. Phone numbers

The second detail to write in this dog bill of sale template printable is the phone number. Both the seller’s and buyer’s phone number should be put there. As a result, when they need to contact each other, they can just call or send a message through the number on the bill.

  1. Address

The buyer’s and seller’s address is important to know by both of them. If the seller wants to visit for important matters, he or she will not be confused about finding the buyer’s house. It will hold good for the buyer as well.

  1. Email id

This matter can be an additional detail to write in the dog bill of sale. This detail will be useful when one of those sides need to send a file through email id.

  1. Name of the dog

While being sold, most dogs have got their names. So, it is important to write their names to make the buyers familiar with the dog’s name they buy.

  1. Breed

In some cases, many buyers want to know the dog’s breed they buy. So, as the seller, you need to write it on the bill.

  1. Date of birth

To know how old the dog is, the buyer needs to know when the dog was born. So, it is necessary to write the dog’s date of birth to be additional information on the bill.

  1. Sex

This is additional information that the seller can write on the sample dog bill of sale template. It helps the buyer know the dogs’ sex without identifying them deeply.

Benefits of This Template

Here are some benefits you will get from using this template. Let’s check them out.

  1. Available in the standardized letter size

This template is available in US and A4. So, you can just print it out without taking more time setting up the size.

  1. Easily customizable

With Word and Excel format, you can easily edit the details of this template.

  1. Using business standard fonts

This template has standard fonts for various businesses, include dog sale. So, to use this template is the right choice for you.

Considering the details and benefits, you certainly need to have the dog bill of sale template sample. Just visit this page and choose the templates you like.

Sample Dog Bill of Sale Template