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Onboarding Checklist Templates Free Printable for New Employee Preparation

Finally, you get new employees after undergoing a long process of recruiting. Do not think your duty also finish because the next thing is already waiting for you. You should acquire the job description that they will hold and also all about your company. An onboarding checklist effective helps you in this task so that your time will not waste here. It turns out the function or benefits of onboarding are plenty. Therefore, leaving this page without looking at the sample onboarding checklist template is a big mistake.

18 Onboarding Checklist Templates for new Employees that Free Printable

During the recruitment process, the candidate looks very convincing according to the resume. Nonetheless, you may not believe it 100% because you do not see their performance directly yet. You must oversee and evaluate their performance weekly, monthly, per six months, and yearly. It turns out these are the functions of the printable onboarding checklist and you may use it for senior employees.

This page has provided 18 onboarding checklist sample templates free printable. You will find them in Word, PDF, and Excel. It is still possible to find other formats that ease your duty. Here are the checklist samples of onboarding:

  1. Word, Docs, and Pages Checklist Templates for Onboarding
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  11. Excel Checklist Template for Onboarding in IT Services
  12. PDF Template of Checklist for Company Onboarding
  13. Doc Checklist Template for Onboarding
  14. Checklist Template for Manager Onboarding in PDF
  15. Onboarding Template in PDF with Checklist Design
  16. Checklist Template for Onboarding in Excel
  17. PDF Onboarding Template with Checklist Idea
  18. Checklist of Property Onboarding in PDF Template

Here are 5 Steps for Creating a Checklist for Onboarding

From those plenties of templates, you should have got one for your business. So, you can apply 5 following steps for creating this kind of checklist:

  • Check employee background

The first point to include in the checklist template is about their background. This first point is very important to know since the beginning. Check whether they ever have criminal records or not.

  • Checklist for schedule and the basic jobs

Next, you will give them a work schedule and basic jobs. The basic jobs are what they will do without an additional job and other things. You need to inform on the dress codes, company policies, and so on. Make an office tour if it needs it.

  • Duties and job description

Inform on any duties that they will undergo in detail including their position and the teamwork.

  • Training for new hiring

You also list the schedule or other things for training your new employees.

  • Review

The review things that you have listed whether complete or miss out anything. Check everything briefly such as the work hours, equipment, upcoming schedules, company policies, and so on.

If you have finished with your onboarding checklist printable gives it to the employee immediately. So, they know what they will do or prepare. Good luck!

Sample Onboarding Checklist Template