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Baby Shower Invitation Free Template: Simply Design Your Invitation

Hi good mothers! Is your baby going to come soon? If so, you can make a party to celebrate it. At this moment, there will be so many guests that present gifts to a mother. In this matter, you certainly need to invite many people. Fortunately, baby shower invitation free template comes to help you design a baby shower invitation quickly. This free download PSD template has a few details that will guide you write a well-ordered invitation. If you are interested in using this printable baby shower invitation free template, just download all samples in PSD for free.

The Required Details to Include in Baby Shower Invitation Free Template

In this example PSD design template, there are some available details you can include in your baby shower invitation. Here are the most required ones to exist in your invitation.

  1. Invitation to join the party

First, you need to write a sentence that invites the receiver to join the party. For this matter, you can write “please join our party” or “join us for a baby shower party”. When you have another good sentence, you can just use it.

  1. Name of the mother

What should you write in this free PSD template after an invitation to join the party? Yes, you should include the name of the mother. With it, the invitees will know a mother that is going to have a baby.

  1. Time of the party

Without this information in this baby shower invitation free template sample, the invitees will be confused when they should go to the party. In this case, it is a must for you to include this matter. For the time, you can write it completely in this PSD template free. The information should contain a time, day, date, and also month. Thus, the guests can attend the party punctually.

  1. Place

Another piece of information to include in this template is a place. When you give this information, make sure you also write it completely. You should include the name of the street, city, and also zip code. Thus, the guests will not go to the wrong address.

  1. Contact person

To confirm whether the guests can attend or cannot attend the party, they should certainly know the contact person. In this matter, you should also include it in this customizable PSD template.


How can you make an invitation to a baby shower online?

Besides you make an invitation using a baby shower invitation free template printable, you can also make it online. Here are the right ways to follow.

  1. Get the right size

To have a good design, you certainly need to pick the right size for this customizable PSD design template. So, make sure you choose a suitable size that fits your needs.

  1. Get a preferable theme

For the theme, this template provides various themes to choose from. Make sure you get a theme that you like.

  1. Choose image

A baby shower invitation will look more attractive with an image. So, don’t forget to choose the best image and attach it to your invitation.

  1. Share your invitation

After you finish customizing this template with your preferable theme and image, it is time to share it with some people you want to come to your party.


Well, that is all about the sample baby shower invitation free template to share with you. Whenever you want to download various samples, just go to PSD.


Printable Baby Shower Invitation Free Template Sample