Sample Boat Bill of Sale

Sample Boat Bill of Sale: Main Form to Evaluate the Product Selling

If you want to sell a boat, you will create a sample boat bill of sale after selling it. Actually, the seller of the boat needs this printable boat bill of sale to evaluate selling the product. Then, for the evaluation, it is from the income sale and as proof for warranty. It is for the customers that request refunds of the product. To get more information about it, please follow these types of this template!

7 Types of the Sample Boat Bill of Sale

This kind of template has 7 types of sample that you may try to create it. To know it more, you can check the different types in the following information.

  1. The template-free of boat bill of sale

It tells the bill of sale for a vessel. In this kind of template, you can find some important elements that should be written. They are the title, name of the purchaser, date, description of the vessel, description of the trailer, and description of the outboard motor. There is also the signature of the seller, purchaser, co-seller, co-purchaser, address, and note.

  1. The template of the bill of sale for boat

This template contains the title, instruction, vessel registration number, manufacturer, model, year, NC title number, and hull identification number. The other elements are the name of the first and second seller, name of the first and second purchaser, signature, and date.

  1. The template of boat and trailer bill of sale

This sample boat bill of sale offers the title, vessel description, seller information, and buyer information. The second component covers model year, manufacturer, and hull identification number.

  1. The template of printable boat bill of sale

How about this template? It will show you the title, note, sellers’ name, buyer’s name, address, manufacturer, hull identification number, and registration number. Then, there are also year built, purchase price, sales tax paid, signature, and date.

  1. The template of the boat bill of sale

It is included in the template which is a free download. It covers the title, date, vessel number, hull identification number, make, year, length, propelled by, purchaser’s name, seller’s and purchaser’s signature, and address.

  1. The template of the boat bill of sale PDF

It is available in PDF form. The elements are the title, registration number, hull identification number, year built, hull material, vessel’s color, seller’s and purchaser’s name, address, and signature.

  1. The sample of boat bill of sale form

What about this last boat bill of sale sample? You will find some elements in it. They are the title, date, make, model, year, motor vehicle serial, boat hull identification number, purchaser’s name, price, seller’s signature, and address.


2 Tips to Get the Template of Boat Bill of Sale

To get this template, you can do these 2 tips. Here they are.

  1. Download the template

Firstly, you can search online and download the preferred template that you want to use in selling boats.

  1. Knowing the terms

It means that this template will serve the terms of the agreement. It can be the mode of payments and warranties.

Well, it is a review of the boat bill of sale printable. Choose the desired template above!