3+ Sample Reference Letter for a Friend

Sample Reference Letter for a Friend and What to Know Inside It

A reference letter is also called as a recommendation letter. It is an important letter that will be very useful for your friends that want to look for a new job or similar needs. When you have authority, you can make it. Then, you can see the sample reference letter for a friend to get more inspiration.

Of course, before making the reference letter, you need to know that it is an exclusive letter. Your authority will be tested in this situation. That is why reference letters only will be made for the people that you have the best trust in them.

In this case, we will talk to you about the reference letter and things to be known inside it. Of course, the knowledge about it will help you to make the best reference letter.

Components of Reference Letter for a Friend PSD

The reference letter has some components that will be the basic shape of it. Knowing the components of the reference letter is a must to make clear the parts of the letter.

The components of the reference letter to be known are:

  • Sentences or paragraphs that explain how you know the person –as the object that gets the recommendation, including the duration of your relationship
  • A detailed evaluation of the person and the detailed skills that they have. It will be better when you write it by giving some samples and explain the strength of them
  • Summary of your recommendation including the detailed position that you feel they are appropriate to get

What to Include in Reference Letter for a Friend PSD?

These are some points to be included inside the reference letter as detailed explanation and recommendation. Some matters to be included inside the reference letter are:

  • Potential of the people you recommend, such as the leadership potential
  • Strength, abilities, and skills
  • Dependability of them
  • Consistency levels
  • Persistence
  • The motivation that becomes the reason you recommend them
  • Detailed character
  • Detailed contribution by giving some facts

Some points as above should be explained with clear and right words. Of course, you may add more information about the person that you recommend. The more detailed information is better.

How to Make the Reference Letter for a Friend PSD?

To make a good reference letter, these are some ways that you need to follow, such as:

  • Find an appropriate format for the reference letter. Here, you can look for the template of the letter to know the basic scheme of it
  • Give the salutation to open the letter. Remember, the salutation will influence the sense of the reader
  • Write the personality of your friend that you recommend. You may write about their detailed backgrounds that are needed by the receiver
  • Give an objective reason why you deliver your recommendation with wise sentences

Sample Reference Letter for a Friend PSD Files

On this page, we have some sample reference letter for a friend that you can get. All samples are free to download. You just need to click the download button and then edit it using the office application.