5+ 1.25 Button Template INU Customizable PSD Design

1.25 Button Template INU PSD for Graphic Design and Branding

Let’s back to discuss the button for your graphic design. Previously, this page has discussed the button template in 1″. Next, you will continue to learn the 1.25 button template INU.  Use it for completing your website design, channel, and anything you create in graphic design. See the sample 1.25 button template INU that it implies has 1 ¼ inch size. Hurry in learning the template in Photoshop free download.   Find new insight and skills after using this most effective tool in 2020.


1.25 button template free psd template

1.25 Button Template INU in PSD Photoshop for several Interests

Remember! There are numerous sizes of button templates to use according to the necessary. Besides that, you can choose the design template in the square, diamond, circle, rectangular, and so on. At this time, the 1.25 button template INU sample appears in round shape. Look at below for detailed information:

  1. 8 per Sheet Round 1.25 Button Template Free PSD
  2. Soft Line 1.25 Button Template with 8 rounds per Sheet
  3. 25 Circle Button Template PSD Design with 8 per Sheet
  4. Blue Round Button Template PSD in 1.25 Inch for Label
  5. Yellow Circle Button Template in 1.25 Inch Photoshop
  6. Neon Red Circle Button Template PSD for Labels
  7. 30 per Sheet 1.25 Button Template Photoshop

1.25 button template template free psd

More explanation about your Button Template in 1.25 Inch

Do you still need more information about the printable 1.25 button template INU? Complete it here while listening to what this reference says. The round or circle button in 1 ¼ inch is useful for many things. You can take it for making a number button in your software. It is also useful for clicking buttons, power, arrow button, and the relevant. Next, this PSD template free will elucidate more detailed things from the 1.25 button:

  • Large circle

Well, you see a big circle that surrounds the broken line circle. It is a direction for the place to cut. You have the boundary for cutting using scissors (if you need it for printed necessary). On the other hand, you can cut using your Photoshop equipment.

1.25 button template psd template free

  • Broken circle line

Then, the broken line forming the second circle shows that it is a safe area. You are safe to put your logo, image, text, or other designs. The size of the picture or text does not allow exceed the circle.

1.25 button template free download psd

1.25 Button Template for Branding Ideas

Okay, it is another function of your customizable PSD template from this page. You might intend to print it and then design for a pin or badge. It turns out this mini item can be the most effective way for branding. You may share it freely as a gift to your customers. Let them wear it in their clothes, bags, and others as the accessory.

1.25 button template example psd design

By the way, you can follow this way for your items. Of course, people who meet you will see and read your pin easily. Thus, they will know what you have and it is possible to emerge more interest. Make your company pin using free template PSD. Thank you for reading. You should keep spirit result in anything along with 1.25 button template INU. Good luck!