5+ 1.5-Button Template INU Customizable PSD

1.5-Button Template INU PSD in various Shapes and Functions

What is your plan if you have 1.5-button template INU? Some people will use it for branding and social campaign. How do you realize both purposes? It is easy but you must know how to customize your template Photoshop first. Why does Photoshop for editing the sample 1.5-button template? It is because the answer is available in the next passages. So, you should be willing to follow this reference while deep your insight. The most important thing is the template is ideal for a pin.

1.5 button template free psd template

1.5-Button Template INU in Photoshop Free Download

By the way, you will need the printable 1.5-button template INU for designing a badge pin. This round item is extremely useful for the campaign, marketing, gift, and accessory. It turns out you can undertake those purposes only in one step. You quite set it in your apparel such as a hat, clothes, and a bag. If you need another idea from this PSD template free try to create a sticker. This sticky paper is suitable for branding, marketing, and campaign. Anything you choose, you still have the same way for designing without from scratch.

1.5 button template psd template free

Well, the following are the samples of your 1.5-inch button template. Of course, you must watch it where the example PSD design below is readymade:

  1. 5 Diamond Shaped Button Template PSD
  2. Square Button Design Template PSD in 1.5 Inch
  3. Round Button PSD Design Template
  4. PSD Button Template Ideas in 1.5 Inch and Military Theme
  5. Yellow 1.5 Inch Button Template PSD with Text
  6. Water 5-button Template free PSD for Water Campaign
  7. Square and Round Button Template for Branding
  8. Rectangle 1.5 Inch Pin Button Template PSD

1.5 button template example psd design

More Information about 1.5-Button Template to know

Now, pay attention to your 1.5- button template INU sample! You should understand the parts of the template. It turns out the template of a 1.5-inch button that free download PSD has several parts. You will find two circles with different lines. The small circle using a broken line is the place for putting your artwork. It does not matter you will insert an image or text. Customize the size of your image to the size of the circle.

1.5 button template template free psd

Afterward, set your text between two circles using the smaller font sizes. For your information, the text on the circle and outside the smaller circle has a different function. Then, the outer circle is the limitation of the entire design for your sticker or pin. You will cut your design here both online and using scissors. Due to it is a customizable PSD design template, use Adobe Photoshop for editing this tool.  It is the most suitable software for your PSD file format.

1.5 button template free download psd

Meanwhile, you cannot save your 1.5-button template INU printable PSD in other software. Thank you for reading and realize your goals in minutes. Explore your ideas and creativity to make a sticker or badge in various themes. Show your company logo, appealing text, campaign pictures, and so on. Then, share your sticker online and directly! Undertake the same action to your badge pin. Determine your target audience and then choose your free template in PSD. Good luck!