5+ 1.5 Inch Binder Spines Template INU for Photoshop

1.5 Inch Binder Spines Template INU PSD with Sweet Patterns

Your administrative necessary needs more than one binder spine size. It always occurs in offices, schools, and organizations. Therefore, you must possess 1.5-inch binder spines template INU. Well, download and customize it by spending minutes from all of your time. If you have collected the binder spines before feel free for adding this PSD template free. What you will take later on is not similar to the prior template. The sample 1.5 inch binder spines template INU meet your other needs. Look at below!

1.5 inch button template psd template free

1.5 inch Binder Spines Template INU for the Thicker Reading Materials

Do you still remember the use of binder spines? Your reading materials such as portfolios, documents, reports, proposals, notebooks, and other files need it. The printable 1.5-inch binder spines template INU is ready to mark your document concisely. Even, it helps to categorize it based on the thickness. By the way, the example PSD design today is different from more various themes. Look at below:

  1. Pink Floral Pattern 1.5- Binder Spines Template with White Blank Space
  2. Long White and Pink Colors Binder Spines in 1.5 Inch PSD Template
  3. Grey White Colors 1.5-Binder Spines with Rose Flowers Free Template in PSD
  4. Chevron and Moroccan Pattern of 1.5-Binder Spines Design Template PSD
  5. Black and White 1.5-Binder Spines PSD Template with Stripped and Chevron Patterns
  6. Striped Pattern in Black and Light Brown Colors for 1.5-Binder Spines Design Template

1.5 inch button template template free psd

Look! It does not exceed when this page that the templates for 1.5- binder spines are captivating. The patterns from chevron, stripped, Moroccan, and the floral are the main elements in highlighting beauty. 1.5-inch binder spines template INU sample is well-known as a free customizing tool. So, this reference calls it the customizable PSD design template. Okay, know the reason in the next passage. Scroll down!

1.5 inch button template example psd design

Free Customizing Features on the Template of 1.5 Inch Binder Spines

Due to the file format is Photoshop document, you should prioritize your Photoshop software. Exactly, you must open Adobe Photoshop no others or you cannot use the template. The following is some steps for redesigning your 1.5-inch binder spines:

  • Select your template

Choose your template Photoshop based on your desire and necessity. Choosing means you download it between seconds and minutes.

1.5 inch button template free download psd

  • Run your action for customizing

This is the core of your work but does not think it heavy. It turns out your template will make your work easier and lighter. Moreover, everything is available freely like color, design, and text. If you do not find the text you may add it now or after printing. This page suggests redesign the color background if necessary and then the design. Feel free to change the color of the pattern. Use your artwork layer to import your image. Lastly, customize by changing the text if your template has it.

  • Print it

Use a cardstock paper to print your work that has good thickness and quality. Add adhesive and continue attaching in your documents.

1.5 inch button template free psd template

Have you understood the explanation of the 1.5-inch binder spines template INU printable? Practice the feature of free customizing directly in your template in PSD Photoshop. Good luck!