5+ 1.5 Inch Circle Template INU PSD in Photoshop

1.5 Inch Circle Template INU PSD for New Artwork Projects

Do you need a larger circle template for stickers, labels, and badge pin? Upgrade the size in 1.5 inches where it 0.5 inches bigger than the previous round template. The 1.5-inch circle template INU meets other necessaries with a bigger size. Your candle label, honey jar labels, sugar scrub labels, and other artwork designs. The sample 1.5 inch circle template INU brings 30 circles per sheet. Know other benefits of utilizing the template free PSD. Keep chasing away this information to fulfill your projects.

circle free psd template

1.5 Inch Circle Template INU Photoshop in Detailed Information

Well, you get the 1.5-inch circle template INU sample for labels. Nonetheless, you may develop the use of other creations based on your plan. By the way, your PSD template free of the 1.5-inch circle comes in detailed information below:

  • 30 circles per sheet

Here, the template provides 30 circles per sheet for labels, stickers, and badge pin designs. It frees download in the blank for with the sheet size at 8.5” x 11”.

circle example psd design

  • Common uses

Many things to create using the template of 1.5” circle. You can create some labels of circle, round, candle, honey jar, jar, hot sauce, and spice products. Utilize it for designing cosmetic labels, sugar scrubs labels, bath bomb labels, and the envelope seals.

circle template free psd

  • Free Download as well as Customizing

Do you know that it is a customizable PSD design template? It is the right name for your template because it offers two kinds of free features. Your printable 1.5 inches circle template INU frees download in minutes or less. It does not need many steps for undertaking it.

circle psd template free

On the other hand, this reference offers free and easy customizing in three cases. This blank template allows modifying the color background, design, and text. Even, you may add other creativity as long as it still deserves.

Other uses of 1.5 Circler Template INU besides for Labels and Stickers

It turns out the uses of this tool is more than for designing stickers, pins, and labels. This free template in PSD shows other functions that you never know. Believe it, you will agree and need it for one or some following uses:

  1. You with your painting passion should download it because it helps for drawing effectively. It will make your circle has a perfect shape in a short time.
  2. The small 1.5 inches circle size template is useful for making paper garland.
  3. It helps to make a wall mural or painting in your home wall.
  4. The template Photoshop of 1.5 inches circle is useful for any kind of arts. Even, you can use it for the next are projects and the students’ projects.
  5. It is appropriate for designing a bulletin board, fabric polka dots, and other dotty patterns.

circle free download psd

Now, you know that using this small circle is extremely advantageous. You can create new designs or projects using the free 1.5 inches circle template INU printable. Even for the ideas that you do not think before coming here. This free PSD template hopes you find can use this tool immediately and create more artworks. Thank you for reading! Once more, trust your matter without hassle. Good luck!


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