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Magazine Article Template: Stun Your Audience Easily

Do you want to stun your audiences with a magazine you make? If so, you need a well-ordered template to simplify you provide an interesting article. In this matter, you can find an idea with magazine article template. With it, you can start making magazine nicely from the scratch. Here, there are some choices of printable magazine article template you can download based on your desire. So, just feel free to get one of this PSD template free freely.

magazine article Free PSD Templates

Kinds of Magazine Article Template You Can Download Here

To fulfil your needs, there are some templates that have a nice draft here. Get the most favourite ones to download below.

  1. Recipes Cookbook

For you who like to make a recipe cookbook magazine, this choice is very suitable for you. This example PSD design provides a stunning design with a great combination of colour. In this template, you can write the titles at the top of the cover. Then, you can also give a picture of a recipe you want to discuss in the magazine. The picture in this template free PSD will look cool due to the nice background provided in this template.

magazine article Free Templates in PSD

  1. Teen magazine

Nowadays, teenagers like to read magazine. If you are a magazine provider for them, you should make a magazine suitable to the teenagers’ taste. Fortunately, free PSD template comes for you to help you provide an attractive magazine. Since a girl likes to read magazine than a boy, this template is designed especially for a girl. The background of this template comes in pink. There are some spaces for you to give a title, pictures, and other details.

magazine article PSD Flyer Templates

  1. Tasty food magazine

As tasty food becomes one of the most favourite magazines, to make this magazine needs an up-to-date design to keep its quality. For this matter, this magazine article template printable can be the right solution for you. This sample comes with a picture of an apple that is put on the plate. It makes a good combination of colour and can be a cool background for your magazine.

magazine article PSD Templates Free

  1. Fashion magazine

This kind of free template in PSD lets you design a magazine one day. This easiness of course will be helpful so much for you. You need to know that this template is provided especially for pink and feminine fashion. When you make a magazine with it, just upload your best pictures, write descriptions, change font and colour, and add something you need.

magazine article sample PSD Design

Benefits of Sample Magazine Article Template

With this customizable PSD design template, you will get a few benefits as follows:

  1. Stun the audience

With an up-to-date and modern design, this template must stun your audience after you make a magazine with it.

magazine article Templates Free PSD

  1. Start from scratch

This template will guide you to make a modern and attractive magazine. It can happen since you can start making your magazine from scratch.

magazine article Templates Photoshop

  1. Provide many choices

There are some kinds of this template you can choose. In this case, you can be free to use any template that fits your needs and conditions.

magazine article Customizable PSD Design Templates

Well, that is all about the magazine article template sample to share with you. Just visit and choose the template you want here when you need.

Magazine Article Template Sample

magazine article Customizable PSD Templates magazine article Free Download PSD