10+ Sample Cornell Notes Template

Cornell Notes Template: Simple Note to Study Easily

A Cornell notes template is well known as a written document of a simple note-taking system. Then, in this template, you will know the main concept to allow the students. Completely, that concept is to collect, organize, and study the information from the lecture clearly and easily. Thus, when you want to create this printable Cornell notes template, here are available for you some lists of templates with different forms. Just follow it well!

Cornell Note in word free download

7 Essential Lists of the Cornell Notes Template

This kind of note templates will help you to provide 7 essential lists of free PSD template that you may choose. To get more information about that, please pay attention carefully!

  1. The template of Cornell note-taking

What elements that you can get in this sample Cornell notes template? Yea, the main elements are included the topic, source, name, class, period, questions, notes, and summary. You can find this note template in Excel form.

Cornell Note in word

  1. The template of school Cornell notes template

In this second template free PSD, you will see that this note template is available in the format of Word. Then, what about the components in this template? There will be the title, page, name, class, date, questions or summaries, notes, and summary or reflection.

Cornell Note template for word

  1. The template of blank Cornell notes report

How about this free template in PSD? Actually, it is available in Google Documents. Here, you should write some important aspects such as name, class and period, date, topic, questions and key points, class notes, and summary.

Cornell Note template free word

  1. The template of blank Cornell note taker

Then, for the next PSD template free, you will find it in the PDF form. Moreover, if you want to use this note template, you should include name, date, period, key points, details, and summary.

Cornell Note customizable word design template

  1. The template of sample Cornell notes

Furthermore, this Cornell notes template sample will tell you that it is provided in the Word format. This note template contains significant elements like title, topic, name, class, period, date, essential question, questions or main ideas, notes, and summary.

Cornell Note example word design

  1. The template of Cornell note format

What about this free download PSD? What can you infer with this note template? Yea, you can get it in the Word form. For the components, you will see the title, critical reading, chapter, section, name, date, period, questions, main ideas, and vocabulary. Besides, the other components are notes, answers, definitions, examples, sentences, and summary.

Cornell Note free download word

  1. The template of the Cornell note-taking process

This last note template will be available in PDF format. It is about the note-taking process. This template covers the introduction and two steps. For the first step, it is about the record and the second one is about questions.

Cornell Note free word template

The Layout Description of the Template of Cornell Notes

Here are the layout descriptions of this customizable PSD template. Let’s check them!

  1. Divided into sections

Actually, this paper is divided into sections so you need to worry about the page division.

  1. The two sections

These sections are separated using a vertical line and completed within a space.

  1. The left section and right section

In this section, you can write the keyword or the main concept. For the right one, it is for writing the notes that describe the concept in question.

Cornell Note in word design

It is the review of the Cornell notes template printable. Use it properly!


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