5+ 11x 17-Brochure Template INU in PSD Free

11x 17-Brochure Template INU PSD as the Best Marketing Tool

11×17-brochure template INU appear in various types based on the folding way. In business, the presence of the brochure is extremely essential. Primarily for the marketing strategy that give a big impact on the selling activity. Well, deep this knowledge if you never know the entire importance of the brochure. Also, the types of brochures based on the folding system. Besides that, never forget the sample 11×17-brochure template INU. The amazing features of the PSD template free cannot doubt anymore. Scroll down, please!

brochure template free psd template

11×17 Brochure Template INU PSD and How to modify it

There are six types of printable 11×17-brochure template INU according to how to fold it. You may need a half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, accordion, gate-fold, or the half/tri-fold brochures. By the way, you can see the example PSD design below:

  1. Vertical Brochure Template PSD in 11×17 with Double Gate-Fold System
  2. 11×17 Vertical Brochure Template in Gate-Fold PSD
  3. Accordion Fold Brochure Template Vertical in Photoshop
  4. Right Angle Fold Vertical Brochure Template PSD in 11×17
  5. Horizontal Right Angle 11×17 Brochure PSD Template
  6. Z Fold Brochure Template in 11×17 PSD
  7. Tri Letter Fold Brochure 11×17 Template Photoshop
  8. Double Parallel 11×17 Brochure Fold Template
  9. Half Fold Brochure Template PSD in Photoshop PSD
  10. Customizable Brochure Template 11×17 PSD Photoshop

brochure template psd template free

It turns out this page finds new types of the brochure according to the orientation. Even, the folding system also adds the double parallel and double gates. By the way, how to edit or modify the 11×17-brochure template INU sample? Well, it is a piece of cake! Make sure you have the latest version or the Adobe Photoshop that is still working properly. Then:

  • Download your PSD template

Take one of the templates above based on your desire! Save it in your PC and export it to your software.

brochure template template free psd

  • Edit the brochure template

If you download the blank template, you will work more with your creativity. Do not worry this customizable PSD template keeps giving you a convenient working way. On the other hand, you may redesign the color, text, until pattern if it not the blank template.

brochure template example psd design

  • Share and print

Lastly, save the result in PSD and then share it on your website. You may share with your client’s email if it is their order. Do not forget for printing the 11×17 brochure.

Plenty of Importance of Brochure for your Marketing Strategy

The brochure is one of the main marketing strategy components. It works effectively to gain customers and improve sales. Some importance of this template free PSD are:

  1. Accessible anytime and anywhere
  2. It becomes the best tool to generate leads to sales as well as interact with customers.
  3. It is the cheapest marketing tool with brief detailed information both product and service. Moreover, you compare to electronic media advertisements, newspapers, and magazines.
  4. The brochure is the best way for promotion both on the road and on-site
  5. People may design it by combining content, image, and other information.
  6. It can change the customers to become active product users. The brochure is the most effective marketing strategy for small business owners.

brochure template free download psd

Thank you for staying abreast of the 11×17-brochure template INU printable! Support the greatness of this free template in PSD by utilizing the sample. Feel free for trying and sharing. Good luck!