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120mm Fan Template INU PSD for Gamers, Manufacturer, and Personal

120mm fan template INU is the size of the computer cooling fan. The template that frees download PSD eases everyone in creating drilling holes correctly. Besides that, it helps you in designing this PC fan for personal and business. Such as you know, all people have a laptop for working and or just running their gaming hobby. Of course, it makes the device easy to heat and need a cooling fan. Download the printable 120mm fan template INU and then customize it using your style. Let’s do it!

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120mm Fan Template INU in Photoshop Free Download for CPU and Portable

The fan template in 120mm is suitable for laptop and computer CPU. Add some fans inside of the CPU and feel the better result in your PC. You can also design it and apply for your laptop to support or change the internal fan. Get the sample 120mm fan template INU that frees and ready to customize. Truthfully, you need it is for creating the cooling fan frame both in square and others. When choosing PSD template free, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Diameter

120mm shows the diameter of the entire fan part including the frame. Four drilling holes included in this size. Meanwhile, the diameter size without the frame is just 116mm.

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  • Distance between the holes

Talk about the measurement from one hole to another is 104mm. In the meantime, the diagonal size is 64mm.

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  • Guide for DIY design

Well, the template free PSD here meets those criteria and you may download without any requirement. Undertake it by clicking here and wait for seconds. Two points above are the right guide for creating a DIY fan template is 120mm. Remember the size and measurement, please!

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Customize as you like and then Print it surely

Honestly, you do not need to conduct anything for your template. It is because the 120mm fan template INU sample is readymade. It allows download directly and uses for drilling practicing directly without making a mistake. Nonetheless, you may modify your customizable PSD template on the color and design. The most important thing is your creativity action free until you satisfy.

There are many benefits that you will get from having this tool. Some of them are:

  • Match for multiple table fans

The template in PSD Photoshop is useful for the manufacturer and personal in assembling multiple table fans. It is exactly for the table on the router table.

fan template psd template free

  • Making holes for extra airflow

Use this template for making blowhole mounting points in 120mm so your fan has extra airflow.

fan template template for photoshop

  • Create assembly holes

Next, it assists to make holes on the frame to assembly the fan until ready to use. The 120mm are the right mounting holes.

The free template in PSD above guides about how to acquire the fan size or measurement. It eases to drill, assembly, and so on without spending money and energy. The 120mm fan template INU printable truly helps everyone without wasting time and mind. Take and use this chance as well as possible because it has everything you need in 2020. Offer your design to the gamers and everyone who cannot be far from their PC. Thank you for reading! Good luck!

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120mm Fan Template INU PSD Sample

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