15+ Sample Postcard Templates with PSD File

Postcard Templates and What to Understand Inside It

Making a postcard sometimes becomes an important thing, especially when we want to send new happiness for others.  Well, just like a common letter, a postcard can be media to write some simple messages. Of course, knowing about the postcard templates is needed before you make it.

Sample PSD Advertising Postcard Template Sample Advertising Postcard Design Ideas Sample Advertising Postcard Template

Well, through a postcard, you can send some messages, such as thank you for saying, birthday message, and others. A postcard is similar to a common letter but when an individual wants to send it, they do not need to use the postage stamp or even an envelope.

Here, we will talk to you about the detailed matters inside a postcard. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample Corporate Postcard Template Sample PSD Corporate Postcard Template Sample Corporate Postcard Design Ideas

Functions of the Postcard Templates PSD

In making the postcard, you may look for a template of it. Yes, using the template is a good option to be done because a template will deliver some benefits for you.

By finding a good template of the postcard, of course, you can write the detailed postcard in easier ways. You do not need to write the postcard from a blank document, but just edit the default information inside it. Of course, you still need to consider the design of the postcard.

Sample Education Postcard Template Ideas Sample Education Postcard Templates Sample Education Postcard Template

The template also can be a source of inspiration in making this document. Through the templates, you will find many unique postcards to be compared before you choose the best one.

What to Write Inside a Postcard PSD?

Although a postcard has a small size, there is still space to write some messages to be delivered. To make a perfect postcard, these are some matters to be written there. Of course, it is optional. It means you can write all of this sample or just make it as a reference.

Some matters to be written inside a postcard are:

  • The date
  • The detailed itinerary
  • A simple joke
  • The highlight of the trip
  • A nice memory that you have with the receiver
  • Lessons that can be learned from the trip
  • Interesting facts and stories
  • And others

Of course, you can write different points inside your postcard. It is optional and depends on the message that you want to spread.

Sample PSD Template For Graduation Postcard Sample Graduation Postcard Template Design Sample Graduation Postcard Template Ideas

Tips to Make a Good Postcard PSD

Making a good postcard will be interesting. I am sure that your receiver will be happy when they get a unique and stunning postcard. To help you make a good postcard, these are some tips that you can follow, such as:

  • Check the essential quality of the postcard by considering some aspects, such as the kind of card, the level of durability, and others.
  • Pay attention to the color matter to maximize visual interest. Remember, the visual effect is an essential thing on the postcard
  • Include a relevant photo in making the postcard to get a more stunning effect
  • Keep the postcard simple and direct. It means you need to avoid applying a complicated design on the face of the postcard and avoid to write a long message there

Postcard Templates PSD Files

We have several samples postcard templates on this page. You can scroll the samples down and get the best template based on your needs.

Sample Vintage Postcard Template Sample Vintage Postcard Design PSD Sample Vintage Postcard Design Template




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