5+ 1st Birthday Invitation Template PSD Design Sample

1st Birthday Invitation Template: Embellish the Card Perfectly

Hi great parents! Do you want to hold a first birthday for your lovely kids? If so, you should create the 1st birthday invitation template. Commonly, you can use this kind of template to invite your guests to attend your kid’s birthday party. If you want the samples of this printable 1st birthday invitation template, don’t be confused! You can check them in the following information. Let’s see them in detail!

birthday invitation free psd template

4 Samples of the 1st Birthday Invitation Template

This kind of invitation template will offer 4 samples of the form that are usually created by many parents. To recognize it more, please pay attention to this template free PSD!

  1. The template of little party animals first birthday invitation

What can you infer with the first sample 1st birthday invitation template? Yea, you have to know that this template uses milo color for the background. According to the name, on this template, you may add pictures of some cute animals like cats and cows. Then, don’t forget to put your kid photo on the top right side of the template and write her name! For the elements, it covers the title, day and date, time, location, and RSVP.

birthday invitation psd template free

  1. The template of fire truck fire engine first birthday invitation

Then, how about this second free template in PSD? If your kid is a boy and he likes a fire truck, this theme is perfect for you to create a birthday invitation card. You need to recognize that this template applies a black background. To make it more stylish, you may add the image of the fire at the bottom side of the template. Besides, don’t forget to put a picture of a fire truck at the center of the template! In addition, the included components are the title, day and date, time, location, contact number, and RSVP.

  1. The template of flower-themed gold foil first birthday invitation

The next 1st birthday invitation template sample applies flower theme. You can check that the decoration of beautiful pink flowers is on the top side of the black background template. Then, for the writing, it uses gold that creates an elegant look. Furthermore, the main elements in this template are the title, your kid’s name, event day and date, time, location, contact number, and RSVP.

birthday invitation template free psd

  1. The template of a simple truck on over first birthday invitation

What about this last free PSD template? It will show you a template with a white background. Then, to make this template look more attractive, you can add the picture of a yellow truck with some colorful balls. Moreover, this template contains the title, day and date, time, location, phone number, and RSVP.

birthday invitation example psd design

Steps to Create the Template of 1st Birthday Invitation

Here are the steps to create this PSD template free.

  1. Start with the basics

It means that you should make sure the details are in order. They cover the date, time, and venue of the party.

  1. Choose a theme

Then, please choose a theme of this customizable PSD template based on your kid’s desire!

  1. Add personal touches

Here, you may add your kid’s photo to the design of this template.

  1. Download and print

Last, you can print this free download PSD template and share it with the others.

birthday invitation free download psd

That is the reference of the 1st birthday invitation template printable. It can be useful for you.