5+ 2 Binder Spine Template PSD Design Sample

2 Binder Spine Template INU PSD matches for any Organization

Are you feeling dizzy with the numerous template download places on the internet? Add your credible place here to get a free template of binder spines. Let this page to present a 2-binder spine template INU without spending your budget.  In PSD Photoshop, you cannot wonder about the quality of the result. Even, you can see it after printing. The sample 2-binder spine template INU looks professional for all kinds of papers. So, it can meet the need for offices, schools, until organizations.

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The Advantages of Downloading 2-Binder Spine Template INU Here

This site offers plenty of benefits for everyone who downloads a 2-binder spine template Photoshop here. Some of them are:

  • Free download

Just choose which one fits you in the picture below! All of the free downloading in seconds.

The meaning is you can print the template without permitting first to the owner. It is printable in any kind of paper including the sticker paper.

  • Readymade

After downloading and printing, attach it in the paper bone and write the name. Write using a pen or marker based on the paper. Besides paper, it is useable for books and the relative. Well, it is important to know that the template free PSD is customizable/ editable. Fill the blank space before saving and printing it easily.

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  • Free, high quality, effective, and efficient

Using this site means you will never spend any money but keep getting high-quality. It is effective and efficient because you can use it directly after printing. This template needs less than one hour from downloading to printing.

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How to download the template? Quite follow these steps for downloading:

  1. Choose the template of a 2-binder spine in Photoshop free download.
  2. Click the button under the 2-binder spine image.
  3. Wait for the process for a while but make sure your internet connection keeps good.
  4. Feel free for saving and then printing in sticker paper or cardstock paper.

binder spine template template free psd 1

The Description of 2-Binder Spine

Let pay attention to the 2-binder spine template INU sample in detail. You need to read the description to differentiate to other binder spine sizes.  Look at the customizable PSD design template below:

  • 3 parts

There are three parts in each template where the rear and front parts have 2” size. Meanwhile height is 11-13/32” that is ideal for all kinds of books and papers.

  • D-ring size

It comes in 11-5/16” for the rear and the front parts where the center is 3 inches.

  • Round ring

The template has 2-9/16 inches in the middle part.

  • Slant-D ring

This PSD design template shows the same size on the rear, front, and the middle parts as the round ring. binder spine template example psd design 1

So, what is your project that involves the 2-binder spine template INU sample? Are working in the school, hospital, or others that need bookkeeping and presentation? Wherever you are, it eases you to find the paper or book that you save on the rack. Quite read the binder spine and take it carefully. It helps the bookshelves keep tidy because you do not need to reorganize it again. Thank you for reading. Utilize this free and light help for the big thing and effect. Good luck!