10+ 2-Column Resume Free PSD Templates Idea

2-Column Resume Template PSD for Best Job

Hello, the job seekers! What does your resume look like? Leave the one-column CV or resume. Move on a 2-column resume template INU below from this site. The greatness of the tool assists the new job seekers and you who always fail in applying for. Understand that the presence of the resume influence the result of getting the dream job. So, explain your identity, skill, education, and experience briefly in PSD Photoshop. Of course, the format exists in each sample 2-column resume template INU below.

column resume template in psd design

Why must use a 2-Column Resume Template INU?

At this time, the design is extremely important for many things including the resume. One column CV is less attractive in front of the HRD’s eyes. It implies the resume makes you lose a chance for getting an interview although you are skillful. That is why you must consider about the printable 2-column resume template INU below. Alongside that:

  1. Modern resume style

This template Free PSD includes in the modern resume design. Besides modern, it looks great, space-saving, match for one page, and dynamic.

column resume template psd template free

  1. Readable

The recruiter just gives a small time for checking your resume by proofreading. It implies you must make it readable for them in a short time. This kind of resume separates all parts clearly and prevents the writing of lengthy single lines.

column resume template template for photoshop

  1. Group the most important information properly

One of the readable factors from this template is the presence of aside. The template prepares one side for the most certain piece of information. It is such as your language, technical skills, and your contact information.

column resume template template free psd

  1. Space-saving

Well, the reason for space-saving from the template in Photoshop free download is clear. The two columns change the design from two pages that you usually need to one page. Although on one page, the display and quality are far better than the one column resume.

column resume template customizable psd design template

  1. Adjustable

By the way, you are obtaining the template that is adjustable or editable. It allows editing text based on your identity, description, and everything in detail. You may move which part from one column to another and highlight it. Explore the feature of free customizable maximally.

column resume template example psd design scaled

There are so many advantages in this 2-column resume template INU sample here. You have read it alone above but it has the one not too important disadvantage. It might not be appropriate for the older ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). However, this customizable PSD design template supports you 100% in ease your way.

column resume template free download psd

Download your PSD Template Free of 2-Column Resume Easily

Okay, it is the additional advantage for your template Photoshop of the 2-column resume. Enjoy the steps free, easy, and fast downloading ways below:

  • See and select

Look at the template pictures until finding the most appropriate option to select.

  • Click and wait for

Download it by clicking the button underneath and let it runs alone. Finally, it finishes and ready for editing and printing.

column resume template free psd template

Well, that is detailed information on the 2-column resume template INU printable for all the job seekers. This free template in PSD is effective for you to get the best job in your life. Thank you for reading. Good luck!

Sample  2-Column Resume Free PSD Templates Idea

column resume template in photoshop free download column resume template in photoshop