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2 Pages Resume Template Word for Seasoned Jobs

One page or two pages resume which one better for 2020 job seekers? By the way, this post will discuss 2 pages of resume template INU that are free printable and customizable. You may think that this topic is not interesting because of the latest trend in 2020. It looks less effective because one page CV is more practice and smart. But, wait for a while! Some jobs want the candidate to still require it. That is why you must see some 2 pages resume template INU samples in word below!

page resume template free word template

Listen to this reason for saving 2 Pages Resume Template INU

It turns out the use of a one-page resume is not suitable for some kind of profession. Some recruiters also regard the candidates are lack of experience. It turns out it becomes the reason for delete or eliminate one page CV by the recruiter. Meanwhile, the second-page resume is usually for describing their work experiences. Some professions that require printable 2 pages resume template INU are Executive, Accountant, Artist, Project Manager, and Marketing Manager. There are also:

  • Data Analyst
  • Computer Science Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

page resume template template free word

They are the professions that need numerous work experiences. This kind of resume is suitable for seasoned workers. If it this your first time for using a 2-page resume just be surer. Download your favorite template free word of two pages resume and edit. Customize the content from changing the photo, identity, skills, experience, educational background, and more. Save it and print it!

Tips for Writing Resume in Two Pages Format in Photoshop Free Download

Remember to select the right image of the sample 2 pages resume template INU. Your download step starts here and then customizes the content. In this section, you will learn how to write a 2-page resume effectively. This way will support you to prove that this kind of customizable PSD design template keeps eye-catching. Although the standard length of a resume is 1.5 pages, two pages are not bad as long as the content is professional.

page resume template word template free

Below are some tips for creating the most professional 2-page CV template free download PSD:

  1. Suitable for the job application

Firstly, the job vacancy must be suitable for your skill, education, and experience. So, the content of your resume has real quality and credibility.

  1. Right free template in PSD

Next, take the right template PSD that matches to your profession. Write the content informal text, action word, the right line-spacing, color, and font. Be creative!

page resume template example word design

  1. Don’ts

Never write using flowery words, not effective, and too long. It should look brief, professional, readable, understandable, and attractive. Avoid using an informal email address that makes you look not professional or smart. page resume template free download word

Use this customizable PSD template based on your purpose of the job. The 2 pages resume template INU printable has the most professional and quality tool for everyone.  Do not misunderstand again toward the resume types! All resumes have a different function but the 2-page resume must look terrific. Thank you for reading. Do not let your resume hide the real ability that you have! Download and follow the tips. Good luck!


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