5+ 24×36 Poster Template PSD Design Sample

24×36 Poster Template: Show the Attractive Design

Exactly, the 24×36 poster template has a certain design, professional, and organizational outlook. Then, the features of this poster template will imply great ideas and strategies in a good manner. So, if you have a desire to create a poster template, just take a look at the available kinds below. Here are the various forms of the printable 24×36 poster template that you may select. Let’s check out in detail!

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5 Kinds of the 24×36 Poster Template

In this part below, you will see 5 main kinds of free PSD template. To get more information about it, please pay attention to the kinds!

  1. The poster template of English shopping abroad

The first sample 24×36 poster template is related to marketing. When you create this poster, you need to include some important elements in it. Those elements are the logo company name, image holder, some product information, address, and contact number. Then, for the background of this poster template, you can combine two nice colors like red and grey.

poster template free psd template

  1. The poster template Happy New Year

Then, the second kind template free PSD is commonly used to welcome New Year. You may use blue color for the background of the template and white color for the writing. What about the elements in this template? Yea, there will be the title, time, location, sponsor, and logo of the company.

  1. The poster template of the car show

The other free template in PSD is about the car show. Here, you will see the background of this poster template applies black color. To make it more attractive, you may add a picture of a nice black car and some money. Then, for the components in this poster template, you will find the event title, date, time, ticket price, and performance.

  1. The poster template of a business conference

In this 24×36 poster template sample, what can you get from it? If you want to hold a business conference, you should use this illustration for the poster design template. It uses a white background, grey frame, and red writing. Moreover, the main aspects included in this template are the event date and location, event title, national meeting, and guest speakers. The other ones are certified training, training sessions, break-out sessions, and business insights.

poster template psd template free

  1. The poster template of wanted in illustrator

How about this last kind customizable PSD template? When you need this kind of poster template, just make it! Don’t forget to add the photo of the wanted person on the template! The other components are the title, person’s name, characteristics, and cash reward.

poster template template free psd

Main Tips to Create a Poster Template

When you want to create this PSD template free, you need to pay attention to these following tips. Are you curious about those tips? Just check them one by one!

  1. Make it interesting

It is, of course, for you when you make a poster template, you have to convince the appearance of it. So, the poster has to be bold and attractive to see.

  1. Ensure the element

What does it mean? Yea, this free download PSD template lets you make sure the element that is contrasting with the other. Here, it is suggested to use high contrast.

  1. Consider the size

If you want to keep the audience in suspense, you need to determine the size of the poster. It can be a big one or a minimalistic one.

poster template example psd design

It is about the 24×36 poster template printable. Understand it well!