5+ 2×4 Inch Label Template Free PSD photoshop

2×4 Inch Label Template: Make Your Product Nicely Distinguishable

Do you want to promote your product completed with its name and your company’s trademark? If you do, you can take one sample of the 2×4 inch label template. This template has its standardized size that you can still customize as your will. As a result, your label will have an attractive design and layout. Then, when you have a business label using this printable 2×4 inch label template, your product will look so excitingly distinguishable.  Thus, you will get an easier way to promote your business product successfully.

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Kinds Of Best 2×4 Inch Label Template

From some choices here, you have a chance to enjoy one of the best PSD template free. Let’s check a few kinds of it out below.

  1. Free label template

First, of course, you need to know a free label template. This 2×4 inch label template printable is available in different colors. You can find yellow, orange, and blue colors that are provided here. From the available colors, you can still customize or change the colors as you like. So, it must satisfy you so much. Then, this template free PSD is also available in various unique shapes. Thus, just choose the favorite shape and color that fit your needs.

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  1. CD label template

A CD certainly needs a label to attract everyone so that they will buy it. For this matter, you can make use of this free PSD template to beautify the appearance of your cd. Then, this template has a beautiful graphic that you can use to add the beauty of the cd. Also, it provides a space to out some writings on your cd. So, just feel free to design your lovely cd’s appearance to make it more interesting to see.

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  1. Simple food label

Do you sell some kinds of food? If so, to give a label on it is important. Although the label looks simple, it can give important information to the customers. So, just download this free template in PSD and print it out. After that, you can attach it to your product to make it looks more attractive and give additional information about the product.

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  1. Floral wedding label

If you need a romantic label for your wedding, this customizable PSD design template is the right choice for you. With pink color and flower, the picture makes this label look so sweet and romantic to see.

What Can You Edit From The Sample 2×4 Inch Label Template?

After you download one sample of this customizable PSD template, you can still edit or change a few matters. What are they? Follow the explanation below to get the answer.

  1. Font

All template samples here are completed with the best font for the writings. However, you can edit the font based on your will if you a bit do not like the available one.

  1. Size

2×4 inches is the standardized size for a label. But, you can increase or decrease the size according to the product.

  1. Vectors

Third, you can edit the vectors on each sample template you download if you do not like them much.

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That is all about the 2×4 inch label template sample to share with you. If you need a sample of it, just download it here for free.