10+ 3 X 5 Card Free Templates in PSD

3 X 5 Card Template for a Business Identity Item

Everyone who runs a business must think of creating a business card to give to clients for contact detail. Well, in this case, you might need a 3 x 5 card template since it suits best for the ID business card. Same as its name, this card template Photoshop has 3 x 5 size. Having a printable 3 x 5 card template may also be a useful item to introduce what kind of business you have. It also works well as an item to develop a customer relationship. Anyway, let’s talk about our example PSD design card template for further info below!

card template in photoshop free download

13+ 3 x 5 Card Template Free Download

Some 3 x 5 card template printable designs that are available here may the ones you are looking for. All of our card templates are free; you do not need to sign up for an account. Yet, you need to have stable Wi-Fi access to visit and download the template from our web. Anyway, for your additional information, our templates will be available mostly in PSD Photoshop. Well, now, let’s check our 3 x 5 card design collection in the following points below!

  1. Standard Dog Report 3 x 5 Card Template
  2. Free Simple Sunset Beautiful Photo Invitation 3 x 5 Card
  3. Office Supplies Store Formal 3 x 5 Card Edition
  4. Free Download Personal Sleek Dark Elegant Business Card
  5. Yellow Vintage Ornate Catchy Business Card
  6. Pink Creative Communication Business Card
  7. Simple Hotel & Spa Ornate Business Card
  8. Stylish Dark Brown Culinary Chef Business Card
  9. Chaff Barista Formal Classic Business Card
  10. Thanksgiving Santa Illustrated Business Card
  11. Simple Coach Catchy Business Card
  12. Online General Architecture Business 3 x 5 card
  13. Music Festival Holder Minimalist Business Card
  14. Simple Company’s Director of Identity Business Card
  15. Public Relation White Business Card

card template in photoshop

All the sample 3 x 5 card template ideas mentioned above use the US standard language and A4 paper. Finally, our templates are kinds of a customizable PSD template. Therefore, you might create your DIY card template by editing our blank or suitable template.

card template in psd design

The Benefits of Card Template

Having a card PSD template free sample will be so beneficial for you. You will get several advantages. They are:

  1. Business introduction. It is a must for a businessman to have a card template. It is helpful to introduce your business to outsiders so that they might feel interested in knowing your business.
  2. Personal introduction. By reading your card template, other people might know your personal details including your name, phone number, address, company’s address, etc.
  3. Clients’ needs. A card template is used mainly for the needs of the customers. Some clients might want to cooperate with your company. Well, if they will get difficulties of contacting you if your company is kind of new and small. Yet, if they have your business card template, they might contact you easily. You, then, can build a good relationship with your clients.

card template psd template free

Finally, a 3 x 5 card template sample design must be helpful to introduce your occupation or business to those people globally. Get and download this card template in Photoshop free download for free here soon.

card template template for photoshop


Sample 3 X 5 Card Template

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