10+ 3×5 Card Template PSD Design Sample

3×5 Card Template for Various Individual Purposes

Do you wish you could introduce your business to the global markets? Then, you may need a 3×5 card template. This kind of template must be a business card. Well, even so, card template is also useful as an activity report. For instance, when you take your dog to a dog treatment salon, you might get a card PSD template free that shows the dog’s grooming activities done. By having a printable 3×5 card template, you will find yourself being able to contact someone’s shop easily. Anyway, we offer you some kinds of card template free PSD in varied designs here. Let’s see it for more info below!

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17+ Great 3×5 Card Template Examples

Some useful kinds of 3×5 card template printable ideas that you may search for are available on our site. Let you download it by tapping the nearest download button. Well, by the way, our templates are available in Photoshop free download. Some templates also come in Pdf and Ms. Word. Well, now, let’s take a look at our varied card template collections in the following details below!

  1. Simple Square Small Business Card Template
  2. Sample Fashion Photographic Wallpaper Card Template
  3. Personal White the Waves of Sea Motivator Business Card
  4. Minimal Watercolor Grunge Business Card Instagram
  5. Basic Monochromatic Architecture Beautiful Business Card
  6. Free Download Fun Colorful Diwali Night Simple Folded Card
  7. General Orange Peach Decorative Creative Diwali Night Card
  8. Grey Texture Thank You Card for Dinner Template
  9. White Blue Cream Café Owner Business Card Free Download
  10. Bold Lifestyle Coach Red Standard Business Card
  11. Classic Leaves and Pizza Illustrated Thanksgiving Card
  12. Black and White Ornate Minimalist Business Card
  13. White Orange Resort Hotel Small Business Card
  14. Vintage Creative Handwritten Business Card Download
  15. Five Stars Luxury Resort Sleek Elegant Personal Business Card
  16. Pink Blush Store Common Business Card Sample
  17. Cream and Black Dog Grooming Report Card Example
  18. White Formal Index Card Premium Printable
  19. School Note Card Simple Template Download

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The sample 3×5 card template designs mentioned above are all changeable. Therefore, you could customize the template’s text, information, and details easily. Finally, our 3×5 card example PSD design comes in the US standard language with A4 paper size.

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Creating a DIY Card Template

If you are going to create a card customizable PSD template yourself, you must pay attention to some detailed things below!

  1. Purpose. What do you want to make use of your card template? Is it for personal business identity need? Is it for a marketing strategy item? Is it for thank you note goal? Is it for a note card? Or probably, is it for an invitation idea? You need to decide what to create.
  2. Details. A card template must be informative and clear. It needs to include certain details that depend on its kind of card template. For a business card, usually, it contains information about your name, phone number, company’s address, and job position.
  3. Language. A card template sure should be informative but please remember to use simple, understandable, and familiar language. Do not use long words since it is useless and confusing.

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Finally, a 3×5 card template sample is very helpful for you to create an invitation letter, business card, activity report, etc. Find your suitable card PSD flyer template on our website here!

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3×5 Card Template Sample

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