5+ 3×5 Index Card Template Sample

3×5 Index Card Template for a Promotional Item

Do you want to succeed in your new business? Then, you must promote it to other people as often as you can. To help you, you might use our 3×5 index card template for easy use. This template might be useful to create a simple yet interesting, informative, and catchy promotional card. An index card PSD template free tends to be fun and creative to get people’s attention. Therefore, you must make its designs innovative if you wish to create a DIY one. Yet, if you want to download its printable 3×5 index card template, you would better visit our page. Get our standard to premium template Photoshop for free then!

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14+ Useful Printable 3×5 Index Card Template

Some useful kinds of printable 3×5 index card template for you are available on our site. For your information, our templates do not only come in Photoshop free download but also Pdf and MS Word. Feel free to convert it to any format online though. Well, now, let’s take a look at our index card collections in the following points below!

  1. Green Italia Pizzeria Photo Loyalty Card Template
  2. Free Download Blue Silver Free Bag Gift Card
  3. Grayscale Minimalist Membership ID Photograph Card
  4. Blue and Brown Deep Lines Loyalty Card Free Download
  5. Blue Abstract Illustrated Membership Standard ID Card
  6. Black Icon Theater Elegant Membership ID Card Printable
  7. Happy Birthday Colorful Index Card Free Download
  8. Yellow and Peach Man Photograph Gift Card
  9. Orange Food Yummy Restaurant Rack Card Template
  10. Green Golf Club Membership ID Card Sample
  11. Editable Pink Vintage Example Glasses Gift Card
  12. Standard Blue Grocery Membership and Reward Card
  13. Blue Pencil Illustrated Homeschool Assignment Report Card
  14. Cream Green Baby Shower Invitation Card Cute
  15. Happy New Home Green Fresh Congratulate Card

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All of the sample 3×5 index card templates mentioned above use the US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Plus, they all are changeable so you might add, insert, change, as well as customize the details on your downloaded card free PSD template.

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Tips to Create a DIY Printable Index Card

If you want to create a DIY customizable PSD template alone yourself, you need to read these several important things first. They are:

  1. Our blank template. Do you feel confused to start with? What about downloading our blank template? Let you choose the one in which design you like the most. Then, you might edit it yourself to match your preferences.
  2. Keep it short. All cards must contain short information or otherwise, people will not look at it. Even it contains short details, an index card is still informative and understandable. Let you write down the ID member, gift date period, shop location, discount info, etc.
  3. The purposes. An index card sure mainly is for promotion. Yet, you still need to limit your purpose to be more specific. Is your index card for a gift card? Is it for a discount card? Is it for a membership reward? You need to draw a clear line about it first.

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Finally, the 3×5 index card template sample helps you to handle your marketing goal simply but effectively. Find and download your index card PSD flyer template now.

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