5+ 4-Square Writing Template INU PSD Free in PSD

4-Square Writing Template INU PSD for Learning and Reviewing

Teaching is not something easy moreover each pupil has a different ability for receiving the lesson. You have a student or child that needs a new method for learning uses 4-square writing template INU. By the way, it is a simple method for learning any language or just writing. Yeah, it seems appropriate for the primary school but this template frees PSD is more innovative. The sample 4-square writing template INU is flexible for all students and learning types. Let’s check it dot!

4 square writing template free download psd

4-Square Writing Template INU: It is important to have

After knowing this tool, what do you think? It turns out this method is important to have by all teachers. The 4-square writing template INU printable eases learn any subject both language and others. So, you can use this method for the deep writing process, math, social, science, and so on. Why learning writing? It is because this lesson has several types like narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive writing.

4 square writing template free psd template

What does the feature of this writing method? The PSD template free shows one large square size breaks into 4 squares. Next, there is a rectangle in a large size that stays in the center while overlapping the fourth squares. For more information, look at below:

  1. Editable 4-Square Writing Method Template for Expository
  2. Blank PSD Template of 4-Square Writing Method

Later on, you can edit the template or use the blank template. Change the content according to your purpose of the lesson. How the student utilize this template that free download PSD? These are some tips to use it both alone and for the student:

  • Decide one topic

Guide them for deciding one topic and ask them to write it in the rectangular space. You may write it in the form of sentences or questions.

  • Upper-left square

Visit the upper-left square for making opening by using a supportive sentence or introductory sentence.

  • Upper-right and lower-right squares

Continue on the next (upper-right square) for making the additional supporting material. If the square is full you can continue on the lower-right square.

  • Lower-right square

The lower-right square is for writing the summary from the topic that you lift. Do not worry, this customizable PSD template helps to understand this method easily.

4 square writing template psd template free

2 Types of 4-Square Writing Method to know

Develop your 4-square writing template INU sample that you have downloaded before. You know how to download this tool, right? Click here or under the picture! It turns out this method has two types that you must know. Thus, you will use the template Photoshop for:

  1. Popular person report

People also use this 4-square method to review famous people in detail. The strategy of the writing is still similar to the guide above.

  1. Review a book

You allow using this tool to review a book by including the author, publishing date, price, content, and the title.

4 square writing template template free psd

So, the use of the printable 4-square writing template INU is more than for learning strategy. However, it is useful for students, common people, and the teacher. Feel free for using this method in PSD Photoshop to review books and special people. Thank you for reading. Good luck!

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