5+ 4 x 6 Card Template INU PSD Design Sample

4 x 6 Card Template INU PSD for Business and Others

4 x 6 card template INU today comes for the entrepreneurs and businessmen. The businessmen mean the people who will use it or the party that provides the service for designing it. Okay, this page will reveal it along with the other card templates.  By the way, what is 4 x 6 in the card template? It is the size in inch for the long and wide that become the standard size. See the sample 4 x 6 card template INU coming in Photoshop free download.

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4 x 6 Card Template INU for Business and Company

Well, the first section focuses on the template of business cards in PSD Photoshop.  Each company or business needs to have it and make the stock. Then, everyone may use it to introduce the company, products, and or services to the clients. Indeed, the business card belongs to the simplest marketing tool that just needs a little bit of budget. It turns out the printable 4 x 6 card template INU is free for everything.

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Quite download the sample of the business card freely by taking one of the templates below. Pay attention to the image and click on the button for downloading:

  1. PSD Template Free of Medical Business Card

According to the name, the card is useful for hospitals and other medical spot websites.

  1. Real Estate Business Card Template Free in Photoshop

Real estate is a business that relates to living like home and apartment. This kind of business truly needs this flexible tool because the effectiveness is so real.

  1. Corporate Business Card PSD Design Template

Next, there is a business card for any kind of corporate or company that frees download PSD. This card is suitable for the beginner

  1. Multipurpose Business Card Free PSD Download Template

According to the name, the multipurpose business card is versatile for any kind of business line.

  1. Business Card PSD Template for Photography

Lastly, you get a specific business card design template that is only for the photographers. The photo studios also can utilize it by customizing the content.

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Many kinds of business cards in the world you can make for your company.  Take it for culinary business, music, agency, automotive, and so on.

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Other kinds of Card Template in This Photoshop PSD Format Place

Discover the other 4 x 6 card template INU samples for the other functions. All of them still include in the customizable PSD template category. Besides getting some business cards, you get the following types:

  • 4 x 6 Identity Card Template PSD
  • Envelop Card Photoshop Template in 4 x 6 Inches
  • Postcard Mailing Template 4 x 6 PSD Format

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Have you got other ideas besides the samples above? Truthfully, numerous things need the standard card of 4 x 6. Moreover, the shape is cozy to hold by hand and light. Anything you have right now, download the template Photoshop and customize it. Make the 4 x 6 card template INU printable as the best step in introducing you and your business. Utilize the other cards for the postcard and envelop. Thank you for reading. Good luck!