5+ 4×6 Index Card Template Sample

4×6 Index Card Template: Make Your Work Organized Well

Do you need such the 4×6 index card template? It should be like that because this kind of card template can help you to get the convenience and even success. This printable 4×6 index card template, especially, can help you to remember the tasks better. On the other hand, you will get it more organized at the work. In the following information, you can check for the collections of this index card template. Thus, you can create it creatively.

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5 Main Lists of the 4×6 Index Card Template

Actually, this free PSD template will show you some lists of the template that you may apply. To get more information about it, please pay attention to the lists below!

  1. The index card of office brand

For this free download PSD template, you will see that this kind of card template provides some background colors of the template. They are available in yellow, purple, green, red, and blue. Then, the format of this card template is perfect and suitable to create small notebooks because it is simple and clean. Besides, this card template is classified into the editable one.

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  1. The index card of stationery clutch fabric cover

In the second sample 4×6 index card template, you will know that you can download the design of this template easily. For the design, it shows the professional one and has a formal also an elegant look. So, everyone may use this kind of card template because it can be applied for office and personal use.

  1. The index card of nurse drug and medication

What about this free template in PSD? It is available in white background and colorful elements. For the main elements, there will be generic, trade, class or action, dosing, and side effect or adverse reaction. Then, the other ones are caution or contraindication and nursing implications.

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  1. The index card of assorted tabbed

Furthermore, what can you find in this customizable PSD template? You have to recognize that this kind of index card template is designed perfectly and classified into an editable one. Then, this card template is also available in different colors like pink, yellow, green, and blue. Here, you may use this template to make effective and even handy notepads.

  1. The index card invitation sample

The other 4×6 index card template sample tells the sample of the index card invitation template. The included elements in this card template are the event title, day and date, time, complete address, contact number, email, and RSVP.

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Steps to Make an Index Card on Microsoft Word

Here are the steps to create an index card on Word. Follow them in this template free PSD!

  1. Open Word document

Please open the document of Word to the blank one.

  1. Go to Page Layout

Then, just go to this icon to find the options for Page Setup.

  1. Change the dimensions

This step in the PSD template free will allow you to change the margins and page size.

  1. Customize the margins

After doing this step, just press OK to end the settings!

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It is about the 4×6 index card template printable. Apply it when you need this index card!


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