5+ 4×6 Postcard Mailing Template PSD Free Download

4×6 Postcard Mailing Template: Determine the Perfect Design

The 4×6 postcard mailing template has an important role to communicate information from a sender to a receiver. In this kind of template, you should pay attention to some rules. They are like writing the address of the recipient in the correct place and completed with a valid zip also contact number. This printable 4×6 postcard mailing template will provide some design forms that you can choose. So, please follow the information below in detail!

postcard mailing template free psd template

4 Forms of the 4×6 Postcard Mailing Template

Here are the design forms of the template free PSD that you may apply. Do you want to know those forms? Let’s check them one by one!

  1. The template of junior school promotion postcard mailing

The first sample 4×6 postcard mailing template shows the junior school promotion. Actually, it covers the main elements of the toddlers to matric, playground to class, school name, contact number, and email. There is also a picture of a child who brings some books.

postcard mailing template psd template free

  1. The template of corporate business postcard mailing

The other free template in PSD tells the corporate business postcard. If you want to promote your company, you may use this elegant and premium sample postcard mailing. Then, for the background of this mailing template, it combines two colors that are black and white. The components in this template are the title, logo of the company, and an amazing picture.

postcard mailing template template free psd

  1. The template of mail postcard vector EPS

How about this free PSD template? You have to recognize that this kind of template looks so colorful and simple. It is because this mail postcard combines three beautiful colors like red, yellow, and green. In addition, this mailing template will help you to give the option to select the best design for the postcard template.

  1. The template of postcard mailing in a new look

The last 4×6 postcard mailing template sample will show you in a new look form. The reason is that this kind of mailing template offers a beautiful, elegant, and wonderful looking. Greatly, it will be the perfect design for you who like this pretty look. Besides, the main aspects of this mailing template are the logo, flower frame, header, email, and contact number.

postcard mailing template example psd design

Some Main Uses of Postcard Mailing Template

There will be some main uses of this customizable PSD template. To get more information about it, please follow these uses below!

  1. Send a thank you note

The first use for making this free download PSD template is sending a thank you note to the customers. Besides, it can also be a holiday card.

  1. Promote a sale

What does it mean? Yea, this use means that the postcard mailing template is also important to promote a sale. You can do it, especially to the existing customers.

  1. Acquire the customers

Then, the other use of creating this PSD template free is acquiring the customers in a new market. You may do that when you launch a local product or service.

  1. Invite main attendees

By making the postcard mailing template, it allows you to invite the prior attendees to a new upcoming event.

postcard mailing template free download psd

Well, it is the information of the 4×6 postcard mailing template printable. Apply it when you need it!