5+ 4×6 Flyer Free PSD Templates Idea

4×6 Flyer Template: Promote Your Product Attractively

Hello great readers! What do you know about the 4×6 flyer template? Yea, you have to see that the flyer is an effective marketing tool. Greatly, it can help you easily to get people’s attention. Besides, you can also distribute it easily. Exactly, you can use this printable 4×6 flyer template to advertise such a product, service, or business concept. The information below will provide some examples of the flyer template examples that you may choose. Just check them out!

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5 Examples of the 4×6 Flyer Template

You need to recognize that this kind of template has 5 examples that are commonly used. Are you curious about those examples? Let’s check them in the template free PSD!

  1. The flyer template of free marketing

In this first sample 4×6 flyer template, you will know that the background of this template uses red and white colors. Then, the main components are the title, business tag, service, about the company, address, email, and web. There are also the creative studio, strategic concept, creative ideas, and creative work.

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  1. The flyer template of free business

Then, the second free PSD template tells about the art of cakes. Here, you will see the picture of a delicious cake. What about the main elements in this flyer template? Yea, there will be the title, some statements, address, email, phone number, and logo of the company.

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  1. The flyer template of wedding photography

What can you infer with this free template in PSD? It is, of course, when you create this kind of template, you should add photos of the beautiful wedding couple. Here, you may show the photos in some styles and models. To use this flyer template, don’t forget to include some important aspects of it! What are they? Those aspects are the title, statement, phone number, address, and email.

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  1. The flyer template of the free event

How about this 4×6 flyer template sample? Yea, you should know that the background of this flyer template is light blue. However, you may also combine it with a dark blue color in the center of the template. Then, the main components are such as the event title, day and date, ticket price, contact number, offered services, and event time.

  1. The flyer template of modern

In this customizable PSD template, what can you find? Actually, it shows the logo of the company, building picture, contracting, client interaction, and testing and licensing. Besides, the other components are the phone number and address of the company.

The Simple Steps to Create a Flyer Template

If you want to make this free download PSD template, it is suggested for you to follow these steps. Here they are.

  1. Prepare a layout

First, please prepare a layout for the flyer needed.

  1. Write a description

Then, just write a description of your business clearly!

  1. Write the services

Here, you have to make a list of the services that you are offered in your business of this PSD template free.

  1. State the ways

It means that you need to write how a customer can get benefit from the business.

  1. Keep the writing

Don’t forget to keep writing shortly and briefly!

flayers template free download psd 1

That is the information of the 4×6 flyer template printable. Please understand it!