10+ 5 e Lesson Plan Customizable PSD Design Templates

5 e Lesson Plan Template: Make a Detail Plan Properly

Are you a teacher? If you are, it is, of course, for you to create the 5 e lesson plan template. It is like that because to make sure a systematic way of approaching the lessons. By making a daily lesson plan, you can write the name of the lesson, the steps to start the lesson, resources, and objectives. Well, in this printable 5 e lesson plan template, you will get some different samples of the template.

lesson plan template in psd design

7 Samples of the 5 E Lesson Plan Template

In this free PSD template, you will see 7 samples of the template form. What are they? Here are the samples.

  1. The template of the free daily lesson plan for writer

In the first sample 5 e lesson plan template, you should know that it is available in PDF format. The included elements are the lesson focus, rationale, assessment, prior knowledge, and curriculum expectation.

lesson plan template psd template free

  1. The template of daily lesson plans

This second free download PSD template is also in the format of PDF. You can find this lesson plan in a column. It covers the main components of the work lesson and the name of days. For example, is language art that is on Monday. It tells the unit study, book: how to eat fried worms, chapter 1-2, and questions page 3.

lesson plan template template for photoshop

  1. The template of elementary daily lesson plan example

For this free template in PSD, you may download it in PDF form. Exactly, this lesson plan template includes the title, level, theme, standards addressed, goals, formative assessments, key content, resources, instructional materials, and technology.

lesson plan template free psd template

  1. The template of the free daily lesson plan

What about this template free PSD? It contains the title, instructor, date, topic, overview, teacher guide, student guide, objectives, information, verification, activity, and summary.

lesson plan template free download psd

  1. The template of the school’s daily lesson plan

Next, the other 5 e lesson plan template sample is in PDF format. This template covers the title, common core literacy standards, lesson objectives, agenda, instructional time, instructional text, literacy strategies, and development of students’ understanding.

lesson plan template template free psd

  1. The template of the blank lesson plan

It will show you some important points like the title, subject, class, lesson topic, date, and time. The other ones are the learning objectives, learning outcomes, prepare for learning, agree on learning outcomes, evaluation, and resources.

lesson plan template customizable psd design template

  1. The template of the daily lesson plan

Furthermore, what do you know about this customizable PSD template? Yea, it consists of the title, teacher, lesson date, subject, unit title, lesson objective, agenda, and standards.

Main Reasons for Making the Lesson Plan

You have to see that there are some main reasons why it is important to plan the lesson. Let’s check them out!

  1. Classify the outcomes

It means that classifying the learning outcomes. It is important because it can help the teacher to maintain the standard teaching pattern.

  1. Equipped in answering the questions

This PSD template free can help the teacher to be better equipped in answering the questions from the students during the lecture.

  1. Provide a structure

Last, the lesson plan provides a structure for essential learning. It covers three basic components like objectives of the course, teaching and learning activities, and assessments.

lesson plan template example psd design

That’s all about the printable 5 e lesson plan template. Please get the best understanding to learn it!

5 e Lesson Plan Template Sample

lesson plan template in photoshop free download lesson plan template in photoshop