10+ 5 Tab Divider Templates for Photoshop

5 Tab Divider Template: Find the Essential Data Easily

What can you say about the 5 tab divider template? Actually, you can define it as a divider for certain papers. It can be the binder papers, textbook, or even notebook. The students, of course, need this kind of divider template to make them easy to find important information. So, if you want to prepare to make this printable 5 tab divider template, just try it! The information below will offer some types with different designs that you may select.

tab divider template in photoshop

Types of the 5 Tab Divider Template

In this case, you have to recognize that this free PSD template provides 5 template types that are mainly created. If you want to find the information further, you should check it in the reference below.

  1. The template of personal size divider

In this first sample 5 tab divider template, what can you find in it? Actually, this kind of divider template is completed with top tabs. This template is not for printing but it just for cutting. Then, there is a red line that shows the cutting line for the paper. For the blue line, it is the cutting line for the laminated sheet.

tab divider template in psd design

  1. The template of plastic insertable dividers

What about the second free template in PSD? You have to know that this kind of divider template looks like a table or column. It looks so simple because there are just two columns and some rows below. Then, for the line, it uses a black one.

tab divider template psd template free

  1. The template of free printable divider tabs

Furthermore, the other PSD template free is named the free divider tab. You can find it in a unique form. Then, how about the color of this divider tab? Yea, it applies pink color for the divider tab. Thus, it is appropriate for girls, isn’t it? For the writing on the divider tabs, you may use black color.

tab divider template template free psd

  1. The template of blue summit supplies

The next 5 tab divider template sample will show you the free printable templates with blue summit supplies. You can check for the performance of the template that uses grey and blue papers. Then, for the divider tabs, you may apply a yellow color for the grey template and blue color for the light blue template.

tab divider template template for photoshop

  1. The template of the free tabbed divider

In addition, for the last template free PSD, you will know that this kind of divider template is so simple to see. Why can it be like that? It is because the template and the tab divider both use white color. So, if you like this pure color, just try to create the template by using this kind of tab divider!

tab divider template customizable psd design template

Main Uses of the Tab Divider Template

You need to recognize more about the uses of applying the tab divider template. Please check them in this customizable PSD template!

  1. Find information easily

The first use of making this free download PSD template is that you can find the important information or data easily. So, you will not get difficulty in finding it because of the tab divider.

  1. Look creative

Then, what is the other use of the tab divider template? Yea, you will look so creative in getting the information that you need.

tab divider template example psd design

It is the reference of the 5 tab divider template printable. Please apply it nicely!

5 Tab Divider Template Sample

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