10+ 5×7 Envelope Blank Customizable PSD Templates

5×7 Envelope Blank: Prepare the Nicest Design

Do you need the 5×7 envelope blank? It should be like that when you want to send a message that you want to wrap in an envelope. So, you will prepare a blank envelope, won’t you? Actually, this printable 5×7 envelope blank is available in various shapes and designs. Besides, you can find the kinds of this envelope template in different colors so that it will be more attractive to see. Here are the lists of this blank envelope you can get.

envelope blank in photoshop

5 Top Kinds of the 5×7 Envelope Blank

In this part, you can check some different kinds of this template free PSD. Just follow these kinds one by one!

  1. The template of free education envelope

The first sample 5×7 envelope blank is suitable for the education field. You have to know that this envelope template is available in a white background. However, the bottom frame of the envelope is decorated with some nice colors like red, green, and blue. Then, on the back of the envelope, you will see the logo of the education field. It is, especially, on the top left of the envelope. Don’t forget to give the blank space on the right side of the envelope! You can write the receiver’s identity on it.

envelope blank in psd design

  1. The template of beach wedding envelope

When you see this free template in PSD, what is your opinion about it? This blank envelope uses a sea blue color for the background. To make it look more beautiful, you can add some pink flowers inner the envelope. So, if you love this amazing design, just apply it nicely!

envelope blank template for photoshop

  1. The template of a small flower wedding envelope

How about this free PSD template? If you like brown color, this envelope design will be perfect for you. It is because the outer background of the envelope is in brown but the inner of the envelope uses a white background. Then, if you want to add some pretty touch, it allows you to add some orange flowers on the white background.

envelope blank template free psd

  1. The template of SEO envelope

The other customizable PSD template is about an SEO envelope. Exactly, this kind of envelope template is available in a white background. It is for the outer and the inner of the envelope. Then, on the backside of the envelope, you will see the writing of SEO. It is especially in the center of the envelope. On the other side, there is the identity of the sender that covers the name, address, email, and phone number.

envelope blank psd template free

  1. The template of free hospital envelope

In addition, this last 5×7 envelope blank sample tells the advanced medical clinic. This envelope has a white color for the background. There is the logo of the organization on the top left side of the envelope. Then, you will see the complete identity of the hospital.

envelope blank customizable psd design template

Importance of Using the Template of Envelope Blank

Here is the importance when you create this PSD template free. Let’s check them?

  1. Has great features

This envelope template comes with all the basic features. It can be the colors, graphics, and other designs.

  1. Use various designs

The free download PSD template will let you use available various designs. Just determine your requirement!

envelope blank example psd design

It is the 5×7 envelope blank printable that you can learn. Get better comprehend!

5×7 Envelope Blank Sample

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