5+ 5×7 Postcard Customizable PSD Design Templates

5×7 Postcard Template: Tell Your Messages Briefly

What can you define with the 5×7 postcard template? Actually, many people commonly used this kind of template to tell the personal messages and greetings to others. Besides, they also create this printable 5×7 postcard template as an interesting marketing tool. It is, especially, to convey the sales and deals to the buyer. In this case, you can write your message on the back of the postcard. Then, to get more information about this postcard template, just follow these samples below!

post card free psd template

5 Main Samples of the 5×7 Postcard Template

This free PSD template will provide some samples that are mainly used by people. Do you want to get those samples? Here are available for you.

  1. The template of modern California rescale postcard

The first sample 5×7 postcard template will show the California rescale certificate. In this kind of postcard template, you will find some important elements. They are like the title, name, company, address, city, state, zip code, seller’s permit number, and business of selling. There is also the signature of the purchaser, printed name, person’s title, date, and telephone.

post card psd template free

  1. The template of business thank you postcard

In the second template free PSD, what can you know about it? Yea, this kind of postcard template uses black color for the background. For writing, it uses a yellow one. Then, what about the main components in this template? You will find the title, name of the company, logo of the company, location, phone number, email, and the message.

  1. The template of postcard invitation

The other free template in PSD is about a postcard invitation. This template applies a white background and colorful frame like red and blue. Moreover, the significant elements in this postcard template are the event title, invitation sentence, day, date, time, address, contact number, email, and RSVP.

post card template free psd

  1. The template of a business postcard

How about the fourth template? Exactly, this 5×7 postcard template sample is available in Microsoft Word. Besides, this kind of postcard template combines two colors like yellow and white. Then, for the components, there will be the company name, company slogan, your name, your title, street address, phone number, and email.

  1. The template of birthday postcard invitation

Furthermore, the next customizable PSD template tells the postcard of the birthday invitation. This template has a white background and an orange frame. In addition, this postcard template covers the event title, day and date, time, location, address, contact number, email, and RSVP.

post card example psd design

Simple Steps to Make the Postcard Template

If you want to make this PSD template free, you have to follow these steps below. Let’s check them!

  1. Pick a size

It means that you should choose the size and shape of your creation.

  1. Decide on the theme

It is related to color palettes, tints, graphics, and design patterns.

  1. Decide on your image

In this free download PSD template, it allows you to upload your image from the device.

  1. Add the typography

Here, you may add the right typography. Greatly, it can help you to communicate your message to others.

  1. Download the template

To have this template, you should download and print it.

post card free download psd

That is the information of the 5×7 postcard template printable. Apply it when you need it!