5+ 5×7 White Envelope in Photoshop PSD

5×7 White Envelope: Cover Every Message or Gift Beautifully

To make a nicer cover for the announcement, message, and greeting you have, you certainly need an envelope. In this matter, you can use a 5×7 white envelope to cover something you want to send to others. With this printable 5×7 white envelope, your friends or families that receive it will more impressed. Here, there are some samples of the envelope you can choose. Are you curious about multiple kinds of the PSD template free here? If so, just follow the explanation below.

white envelope free psd template

Kinds of 5×7 White Envelopes that are Recommended for You

  1. Small envelope template

First, you can try this envelope of template free PSD. This envelope can be used to accommodate various nice gift cards like greeting cards, reply cards, thank you cards, and so on. Although the dominant color of this 5×7 white envelope printable is white, it also has some colorful look at the edge of it.

white envelope psd template free

  1. Envelope liner template

As its name, this free PSD template is provided with glam liner. With this appearance, this envelope is suitable to use for sending some messages. They are like an invitation to a grand wedding, corporate party, or just sending a special message. In addition, you need to know that this free template in PSD also comes in a glossy sheen. This type of envelope is usually provided in a silver finish. Besides, there are also some envelopes of this kind that come in matt finishes.

  1. Business Envelope

Whenever you need a business envelope, this customizable PSD template can be the right choice for you. With 5×7 for its size, this envelope template becomes one of the most used sizes recently. When you have downloaded this template, you can make an envelope for sharing business announcements, sending slim stationaries, and letters.

white envelope template free psd

  1. Gift card envelope

On a certain special occasion, you may need to send a gift card to your dear one. When you need a cover for its card, you can make use of this white envelope. To make the envelope more attractive, you can attach pictures and writings that your dear one may like.

  1. Money envelope

This 5×7 envelope template provides a sample for outing money. This size is very suitable to put money. This template comes in rectangular and fitting sizes. With this envelope, you can put your money into it and give it to your dear one as gift cash.

white envelope example psd design

Why Should You Choose this 5×7 White Envelope Sample?

There are some reasons why you should choose this envelope. Here are three significant reasons you need to know.

  1. Has various styles

First, you have to choose this template since it provides a wide range of styles. Thus, you can choose a sample that is suitable for the mood of the event.

  1. Comes in multiple formats

For you who need to have a different format of an envelope in different events, this customizable PSD design template is the right solution for you. You can choose a preferred format that suits your desire.

white envelope free download psd

Well, that is all you need to know about this sample 5×7 white envelope. Don’t forget to choose a sample with a suitable style and format before you download it here.