5+ 5×8 Index Card Template Sample

5×8 Index Card Template: Make Your Tasks Easily

Hello, great readers! What do you know about the 5×8 index card template? Yea, you have to recognize that this kind of template will help you to organize the scientific information. In addition, this printable 5×8 index card template is ready to apply in all sizes. It is based on your preference. Thus, to get the types of this index card template, you can find them on the following information. Please check the types in detail!

5x8 index card template free download word

5 Primary Types of the 5×8 Index Card Template

The types of this free PSD template will be available in the information below. So, please give your best attention!

  1. The template of a recipe index card

In the first sample 5×8 index card template, what can you infer with it? Exactly, it tells the template of the recipe index card. This template is available in white background and completed with some black horizontal lines. Then, it also has a fully layered and editable front with colorful patterns. Moreover, the main components are the recipe, ingredients, serves, and some vegetable pictures.

5x8 index card template free word template

  1. The template of a presentation index card

The second free template in PSD is available in the format of Google Docs. Then, this kind of index card template has a simple design in white color for the background. Besides, you will also see that it is such a notebook like lines and complete with space left for presentation title and subtitle.

  1. The template of return address index card

How about this template free PSD? Actually, it will show the index card template with three parts lines on one page. This kind of template is also available in white background. However, you can know that there are some colorful lines in each part. Don’t forget to write the title of the index card on the top center of the template!

5x8 index card template template free word

  1. The template of a personalized index card

The next 5×8 index card template sample, greatly, has a beautiful floral design in green. For the background of the template, it also uses white color. Then, this kind of index card will show that it has space for the name of the person at the top of the card. Besides, you will also find some lines in green that you can use for other details.

5x8 index card template word template free

  1. The template of vector paper index

Furthermore, the other PSD template free indicates that the vector paper with an index on a white background. So, you can find this kind of index card template in the format of the vector PSD file. Completely, this template has a fully layered and editable front with a colorful pattern. In addition, the colors for writing the design elements are available in orange, blue, light grey, and dark grey.

2 Main Uses of Making an Index Card Template

You should recognize the great uses of making this customizable PSD template. So, here are the lists of the uses.

  1. Make a shortlist

The first use that you can get is that you can use the index card to make short and specific “to do” lists.

  1. Take note

Then, by making this free download PSD template, you can use it to take notes in class or at work.

5x8 index card template example word design

That is the source of the 5×8 index card template printable. Understand it well!


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