5+ 60th Birthday Invitation Template PSD Design Sample

60th Birthday Invitation Template to Your Birthday Party

Everyone should be blessed with being born in this world. Then, to show gratitude to it, mostly, people will celebrate their birthday. This time, you will need a 60th birthday invitation template. This kind of birthday PSD template free may be useful to invite your big family members and close neighbors to come to your 60th birthday shower. Get your printable 60th birthday invitation template here on our site if you do not want to bother yourself to create it. We offer you an updated birthday template free PSD in several varied designs, colors, and ideas. Let’s see them for further info below!

60th birthday invitation template free psd template

17+ Helpful 60th Birthday Invitation Template Samples

There are some helpful kinds of 60th birthday invitation template printable designs that exist here, on our web. All our template designs must be changeable. Therefore, it is easy to edit any details yourself. For your information, our customizable PSD template is free to download by connecting your computer to the internet only. Well, anyway, let’s take a look at our lovely 60th birthday invitation samples in the following numbers below!

  1. Free Download Monochromatic Masculine Dotted 60th Birthday Invitation
  2. Sample Peach Confetti Sweet Cute 60th Birthday Invitation
  3. Simple White Pink Lines 60th Birthday Invitation
  4. Maroon Floral Corner 60th Birthday Invitation
  5. Pink Vintage Lilac Stripes 60th Birthday Invitation
  6. Peach Vintage and Dark Blue 60th Birthday Invitation
  7. Teal Floral Borders Minimalist 60th Birthday Invitation
  8. Coral and Yellow Flowery 60th Birthday Invitation
  9. Editable Blue Stars Catchy 60th Birthday Invitation
  10. Orange and White Photograph 60th Birthday Invitation
  11. Watercolor Flower Border Creative 60th Birthday Invitation
  12. Grey Glittery Background Simple 60th Birthday Invitation
  13. Pink and Orange Floral Icon 60th Birthday Invitation
  14. Gold and Black Border Classic 60th Birthday Invitation
  15. Navy Blue Rustic Photo 60th Birthday Invitation
  16. Lilac Diamond Lines 60th Birthday Invitation
  17. Cream Leaves Floral Beautiful 60th Birthday Invitation
  18. Mint Blue Bordered Simple 60th Birthday Invitation

60th birthday invitation template psd template free

All of the sample 60th birthday invitation template ideas mentioned above are available in the formal US Letter with A4 paper size. Well, they come in several different formats such as in PSD Photoshop, Pdf, and Ms. Word.

60th birthday invitation template template free psd

Creating A DIY 60th Birthday Invitation

If you are about to create a DIY 60th birthday template Photoshop invitation yourself, you need to mention some things, including:

  1. Information detail. A birthday invitation should have clear information so that the receiver might know when to come to the event. Therefore, make sure you write down details such as RSVP info, place, time, date, costume request (if necessary), etc.
  2. Background. Rather than using a black and white background, what about choosing the creative one? You might choose the flowery background, the one with leaves, borders, lines, polka dots, etc. It is also good to use item pictures such as wines, diamonds, candles, etc.
  3. Photograph. It will be best if you create a 60th birthday invitation with your couple’s photograph. This looks sweet and adorable. Moreover, the invitation will look livelier.

60th birthday invitation template example psd design

Finally, the 60th birthday invitation template sample helps you to inform others about your 60th birthday shower party. Find all 60th birthday invitation PSD flyer template designs here for varied ideas.

60th birthday invitation template free download psd