10+ 6×9 Book Free PSD Templates Idea

6×9 Book Template for a Writer’s Promotion Use

Are you a writer who has been writing so many books so far? Then, you must want your books sold out fast, right? In this case, you might make use of a 6×9 book template. This template is kind of special since it will be the book’s cover that people see. Therefore, it should be as interesting to catch readers’ attention. A book PSD template free must be varied; it will usually depend on the book’s theme or topic. Anyway, for a practical way, you might download a printable 6×9 book template on our website. We have several kinds of 6×9 book covers with different themes and designs. Well, will you create your book customizable PSD template cover by yourself?

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16+ 6×9 Book Template Designs to Download

There are several kinds of 6×9 book template printable available on our page to download for free. All of our 6×9 book covers must come in the US language and A4 paper size. For your additional information, our template comes not only in PSD Photoshop but also in Pdf and MS Word. Now, let’s take a look at our 6×9 book over collections in the following numbers below!

  1. Grey Scale Photo Cool Typography Book Cover
  2. Paint Color Creative Vintage Wattpad Book Cover
  3. Minimalist Short Story with Pictures Book Cover
  4. Yellow Surgeon Simple Book Cover
  5. Black and White Non-Fiction Book Cover
  6. Happy Kids Fun Children Book Cover Free Download
  7. Comforting Romance Beautiful Book Cover
  8. Garden Architecture Creative Book Cover
  9. Pink Peach Grunge Story Catchy Book Cover
  10. Green with Aurora Nature Guide Book Cover
  11. Summer Essentials Guide Book Cover Template
  12. Photo with Border Modern Book Cover
  13. Red Couple Exclusive Photograph Book Cover
  14. Fashion Instagram Post with Shadows Book Cover
  15. Standard Children’s Literacy Book Cover Poster
  16. Typographic Neon E-book Romantic Story Book Cover
  17. Contemporary Art Abstract Creative Book Cover

book template psd template free

Finally, all sample 6×9 book template designs mentioned above are editable and customizable. Feel free to insert additional details on your downloaded book cover free download PSD to match and suit your preferences well.

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Creating a DIY Book Cover

Do you wish to be productive? Then, you might want to create a DIY book cover template free PSD yourself. Let’s read some important tips that might help you below!

  1. Book topic. Before creating the book cover, you must pay attention to your book topic. What do you write? Is it a fiction or non-fiction story? Is it about romantic love dealing? Or is it about literary? Probably, is it about space or nature? Once you have known the topic well, you might decide what kind of book cover you will make.
  2. Information. Of course, your book cover will have some words on unless you want your reader confused. Let you write down the book title, your name (pen name), edition, or other necessary details. Use simple but catchy words.
  3. Background color. It is better to make your book colorful because it seems more interesting. Somehow, people will not be interested in buying or reading your book if it is grey. Yet, again, it will depend on the book’s specific topic.

book template template free psd

Finally, the 6×9 book template sample is a helpful template used by writers as a book cover for promotional ideas. Download your book PSD flyer template cover on our web now.

book template customizable psd design template


6×9 Book Template Sample

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