5+ 90-Day Probationary Period Template Sample

90-Day Probationary Period Template word for best Assessment

The first trust from the employer to the new employee comes from the resume and interview. It turns out it is just a milestone to step the next section for verifying. Use a 90-day probationary period template word to trial your new employee. You may use it for 30 or 60 days but the most ideal time is three months. What happens during you run your printable 90-day probationary period template word? Find many things to compile it only with the template free word!

90 day probationary period template free download word

90-Day Probationary Period Template word only for new Employee

Conducting a probationary period each time hiring a new employee is legal and necessary. Both the company and the employee get benefits that are useful in the future. On the other hand, the purposes of the probationary period are more than verifying the ability of the employee. But, it is useful to know the action when making mistakes and how to fix it. Does the employee will respond or not. Then, the word template free of probationary period helps to sharpen their skill and knowledge.

90 day probationary period template free word template

During this period, the employee gets specific training, treatment, assessment, and help. However, the company does not allow convey this period as the probation because it sounds not good. Besides you can use it for trialing new employee, the sample 90-day probationary period template word will be useful for:

  • New position

You had just moved the current employee for handling a new position. Feel free for designing it from one of the templates in word free download. Download here, compile, and start to access the performance!

90 day probationary period template template free word

  • Significant performance problem

Next, you can still use it for the current employee but he or she is getting a serious performance problem. You may use it for knowing how the employee tries to solve it as fast as possible.

How does your Template of 90-Day Probationary Period works

It is easy to customize the 90-day probationary period template word sample and this page will not explain it. You quite download and rely on the right software for editing the content in minutes. Nowadays, you need more than that to know how your free template in word works for assessment. Here are four points for access to your employee:

  1. Competence, knowledge, and skills

The template will load some points to assess the employee on the knowledge, skills, and competence.

  1. Assignment progress

You give a score to the employee from the assignment progress that you give.

90 day probationary period template word template free

  1. Trust, character, and reliability

In working with other people, you must ensure the reliability, personal character, and trustworthy. This point is mandatory existing in your customizable word  design template.

  1. Collaboration and relationship

Lastly, you will access your employee from how it builds relationships and collaboration with your peers. Even, you must see it from the relationship to the supervisor and other relevant.

90 day probationary period template example word design

What else you need to know about the 90-day probationary period template word printable? Just take your favorite template in word for the beginning and start assessing. According to the explanation, you not only make it when hiring a new employee but also other interests. Okay, thank you for paying attention! Good luck!


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