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A2 Card Template INU PSD for Envelopes and Small Cards

A2 card template INU is the paper in a two-folded system like a book. The card is useful for make greeting, postcard, invitation, and the relevant. By the way, this card also needs an A2 envelope size design to pack it. Well, this page has been ready to discuss both bravely because they are inseparable. Nonetheless, it keeps more focusing on the printable A2 card template INU. It comes for you along with the best format in PSD Photoshop. You will like it! Scroll it down, please!

a2 card template in photoshop free download

A2 Card Template INU for various Card Designs that Free Download PSD

The sample A2 card template INU is available by clicking here and you can download it directly. After downloading, you may customize this template free PSD directly. By having the template, you can make:

a2 card template in photoshop

All of them have 8.5 x 11 inches size and then print it in A2 paper card. Usually, the card will fold like a book. Next, you put it in the same size as A2 envelope paper. Why do you must choose the A2 card template in Photoshop free download?  It is because you may download and save it in PSD both portrait and landscape.

A2 Paper Card for printing A2 Envelope Template Design

For your information, the A2 card template INU sample is not only suitable for creating various kinds of cards. However, this customizable PSD design template is appropriate to print the envelope in the same size (A2). Anyway, these are some examples of A2 envelope to wrap various cards:

  1. Green A2 Envelope Template PSD for Greeting Card
  2. Wedding Envelope Template in A2 Card Design PSD
  3. Red Envelope Template A2 PSD for Holiday Postcard
  4. Classic Air Mail A2 Envelope Template in PSD
  5. Beautiful Green A2 Envelope Template Design with Flower Pattern for Business

a2 card template in psd design

How to create A2 Envelope and Print in the A2 Card Paper

Take your A2 card sample template and create a good A2 envelope design in Photoshop. Pass these 4 steps to use your template Photoshop easily:

  • Choose Adobe Photoshop

This page suggests use Adobe Photoshop but feel free to use the relevant software that you have. Choose A2 card paper and the size where all templates here have determined the right sizes. Download your choice, right now!

a2 card template psd template free

  • Upload your template

After that, the PSD template free is ready to up upload in your Photoshop application. Both blank and editable templates, you keep working properly without any difficulty.

  • Edit it

Here, you work by editing the template both overall and partly. If you do not get the appropriate size for your A2 envelope just resize again. The matter of color, design, pattern, and text is your liability.

a2 card template template for photoshop

  • Print

Print it now using your A2 card paper that matches to your envelope! Then, put the small invitation, postcard, and others that you have inside. Send it soon!

a2 card template template free psd

Okay, thank you for learning the A2 card template INU printable. You can use it for designing various cards as well as the envelope. The steps to realize one design are simple and shorter than the common guides. Teach your friends or sisters to utilize this customizable PSD template. Good luck!

a2 card template customizable psd design template


A2 Card Template Sample

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