10+ About Page Free Templates in PSD

About Page Template for Explaining a Specific Thing

Do you run a travel business or probably a cosmetic company? Then, you might need an about page template to help you to introduce and explain your business trip to the clients effectively. By having this about page PSD template free, you might make them interested in reserving a trip journey or buying your product. Get a practical printable about page template here on our website for free. Let you pick up and download your selected, matched about page example PSD design template here, on our site, for an updated idea soon! Well, let’s check our about page templates’ collection for the further look below!

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Top 15+ Varied About Page Template

Several available about page template printable idea options that you want to download may exist here. Once again, they are free to download but you need to turn on your Wi-Fi access in advance. It is okay to use the phone’s data connection though. Anyway, for your information, our about page free PSD template is varied in designs and ideas. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing one. Make sure to notice your preferences and needs. By the way, now, let’s take a look at our different about page templates in the following details below!

  1. Simple Interior Design Article Magazine Page
  2. Feminine Lifestyle Photo Content Magazine Page
  3. Urban Architecture Formal Masthead Magazine Page
  4. Free Ocean View Common Article Magazine Page
  5. Cream and Purple Cover Page Yearbook
  6. Great Geometric Creative Page Yearbook
  7. Example of Manual Informative Cover Page
  8. International Blue Gum Article Page
  9. Free Ultimate Floral Title Cover Page
  10. Travel Story Common Magazine Page
  11. Pastel White Elite Clear Magazine Page
  12. Minimalist Content Outline Magazine Page
  13. Lion Photograph Title Magazine Cover
  14. Ballerina Woman Photograph Beautiful Magazine Cover
  15. Wellness Journal eBook Magazine Page
  16. Travel Lifestyle Title Magazine Page

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Our sample about page template mentioned above all uses the US standard language and A4 paper size. They also come in varied template formats but mostly in PSD Photoshop. Finally, feel free to customize our editable page template.

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Benefits of Page Template

Do you know that by having an about page customizable PSD template, you will get several advantages? What are they? Let’s see it below!

  1. Informative. An about page must be the one that gives you information about what a magazine will talk about. This template is like a magazine cover that gives you pictures of the magazines; content shortly.
  2. Interest the reader. Having a great about page cover must make people who see and read become interested to get to know more. This is one of the magazine’s sales marketing strategies. Just apply it now!
  3. Autograph. About page might be suitable to show someone’s autograph. This is to show others that the person whom you get the signature also reads your magazine, buy, and wear your products or services. A famous artist might influence the magazine’s sales, too.

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Finally, an about page template sample helps you to take the customer’s interest easily. Find a matched about page PSD flyer template on our web in varied-updated designs soon.

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About Page Template Sample

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