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About Us Page Design to Highlight your Business

If a personal blogger has an About Me page the business must have an About Us page. The About Us page design template is ready to compile it easily. In common, the concept of the content is similar but you cannot make it carelessly. You should understand the elements and how to write it. This page adds the benefits of having the About Us Page template Photoshop. Meanwhile, the sample About Us page design template helps to write it. Utilize this mutual service that frees.

about us page design free psd template

Examples and how to write it with the About Us Page Design

Creating the About Us page is between easy and difficult. It implies you and your company may not underestimate it. Moreover, the role of selling a business is so promising and effective. The About Us Page design sample can be the first way to start your work:

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  2. Template of Fashion Design About Us Page PSD
  3. About Up Page Template PSD for Weather Website
  4. Food and Restaurant Business About Us Page Template PSD Design
  5. About Us Page Template Design for Company Portfolio

about us page design psd template free

Such as usual, the templates on this page are customizable freely. It implies you are getting the best customizable PSD design template that will engage your creativity. Let’s modify your selecting template using 8 steps below:

  • State mission

The About Us Page design INU printable starts the writing process by giving the mission statement. Change it with your business mission!

  • The outline of your company

Give the outlines of the company story that you establish.

  • Tell your revolution

You should also describe how do you revolute your company.

  • Who you serve

In this PSD template free, you should show who you serve! This case makes you more focused on running your business and website

  • Your offer

Do not forget to explain what you will offer in your business through the About Us Page.

  • Example your target

Show the example of your target briefly

  • Describe your value

Describing the value that you have and provide through the customizable PSD template is a must.

The Influences of making About Us Page for a Business

A lot of advantages will influence your business when you provide the About Us page. Several benefits appear below:

  • Communication

It helps to communicate your business story and explain why you started it.

  • Business serving

The About Us as well as describes the cause and the customers you will serve.

  • Inform on the business model

Next, you get a space to explain the making process of your product and the business model.

  • Showing your face

It implies the customers can see the face of your business. Besides that, it features the founders and your team.

  • Incorporate persuasive content

The examples are links to blog posts, data visualizations, and an explainer video. They perhaps otherwise clutter your homepage.

about us page design template free psd

Okay, the About Us page is the same as the goal-oriented sales page. The page showing in this free download PSD is one that focuses on highlighting. It highlights the biggest selling points of the brand and story. Alongside that, it also makes the brand stronger in impressing curious customers. Thank you for reading the printable About Us Page Design template PSD. Good luck!

Sample About Us Page Design

about us page design example psd design about us page design free download psd


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