10+ Academic CV Customizable PSD Templates

Academic CV Template for Best Career in Educational Fields

Academic CV template comes for you who target an academic field for building a career. This kind of curriculum vitae is different from the common CV because it has a more specific work-scope. Meanwhile, the general CV is suitable for all kinds of jobs. Have you ever seen the CV for academics before? The printable academic CV template comes as the best tool in PSD Photoshop. Free downloading is sure and you may customize it both partly and totally.

academic cv template in psd design

Academic CV Template Examples and What to include

Once more, the academic CV that you will use in PSD Photoshop has a specific function. This tool is merely for applying for a job in the academic field. Here, you should highlight your teaching experiences, workshops, grants, seminars, and research you have taken. Nonetheless, the element of the tool through the sample academic CV template is still the same. For more information, look at below:

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academic cv template psd template free

Well, this page gives you a change for downloading it now in minutes. Next, you will match the content of the Academic CV in a customizable PSD template to the following points. By the way, they are what to include in your curriculum vitae for academic jobs:

  • Your contact information

Surely, you have understood what to include as the contact information. It starts with your name, address, until your phone number.

  • Summary statement

This session just explains why the company must select you. It demonstrates why you match to work in the position that they offer.

  • Education Background

In the academic CV template sample, you will know that you quite use the relevant educational background. But, do not skip the last educational background too.

  • Employment history and internships

List down your work-experiences and internship activities you follow before. Just list the relevant experiences and internship to the job vacancy. Write down the dates, titles, and organizations.

  • Licenses and certificate

Next, you should write down the certificates and licenses that you have in possession.

  • Professional affiliations

The template in Photoshop free download asks for mentioning any affiliations, books (if you have it), skills, and interests.

Tips for having an amazing Academic CV Quickly

There are 6 tips to perfect your Academic CV PSD template design. You should:

  1. Tailor your CV of academic

Make sure that the CV has suitable for the job description also the specifications

  1. Highlight your achievements in academic

Bring the evidence by mentioning the certificates that you have reached in the academic competitions.

  1. No jargon

Never use jargon but make it seriously, clear, readable, and easy to understand without wasting time.

  1. Includes three academic references

The customizable PSD design template asks for at least three references for academics.

  1. Just related skills and interests

Such as you read above, do not mention irrelevant interests as well as skills

  1. 4-page long

The template may not be more than four pages because it is the maximum border.

academic cv template template for photoshop

Thank you for reading the academic CV template printable! Download and customize for resulting in a great CV and work in your dreaming academic position. Good luck!

academic cv template template free psd


Academic CV Template Sample

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