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Activity Log Template: A Helpful Form for Meetings

Hello great readers! What can you infer with the activity log template? Actually, this kind of template is useful for you when you come to important meetings and appointments. In other words, the printable activity log template can be defined as a to-do-list with a detailed activity log. It can be for a particular day, week, or month. So, if you need to create this log template, please follow the kinds below!

Activity Log Template in psd design

5 Kinds of the Activity Log Template

This free template in Word will show you 5 kinds of the template that you can apply. What are the templates? Here they are.

  1. The log template of officers daily activity

The first sample activity log template tells the officers daily activity log. This kind of template contains some main elements like deployment information, individual officer activity, partner activity, assignments, names, stars, and signatures. Moreover, it is available in some columns.

Activity Log Template psd template free

  1. The log chart template of daily activity

Then, the second free Word template is about the daily activity log chart of time management tools. It covers the elements of the date, time, activity, time used, email, meetings, telephone calls, planning, and others. For other categories, you will see the travel and paperwork.

Activity Log Template template for photoshop

  1. The log template of the physical activity diary

How about this template free Word? Actually, it shows the physical activity diary. The template has some important aspects that you have to include. Those aspects are such as the title, day, day of the week, time of day, description of the activity, and duration. In addition, the description of the activity contains the type and intensity level.

Activity Log Template template free psd

  1. The log template of study activity

Furthermore, the other activity log template sample will show the study activity. In this kind of template, you will find the title, supervision, teaching, and mentoring. There are also components of the presentation or talks, committees, and training. Each component is available in such a table that tells the different categories.

Activity Log Template customizable psd design template

  1. The log template of editable work activity

The next customizable Word template is the work activity log sheet. This kind of template tells the title, department, date, employee name, and supervisor name. The other ones are starting or stop time, a task performed, equipment or resources used, and final remarks.

Activity Log Template example psd design

Main Uses of Activity Log Templates

There will be some main uses when you create this Word template free. Are you curious about them? Let’s find the answer below.

  1. To keep track

The first use of creating the log template is that this template is an efficient way to keep track of all the events. Besides, you can also use it for appointments.

  1. Never forget the events

Then, the other use of the free download Word template is that this log template will help you to ensure something. It means that you will never miss out on important events.

  1. Plan your activities

The last use of this log template is that you will be able to plan your activities in an organized way.

Activity Log Template free download psd

That is about the activity log template printable. Don’t forget to apply it well!

Activity Log Template Sample

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