10+ Sample Address Book Template

Address Book Template: Make a List for the Client Details

What can you define with this address book template? Yea, many people use this kind of template for documenting the client and customer details in the business establishments. On the other hand, this template is also useful for party organizers. Commonly, they create this printable address book template to plan events, especially when catering to a large number of guests. Well, to get more information about this template, you can check for the types below.

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5 Types of the Address Book Template

You need to recognize that this kind of template will show you 5 types of the form template. Do you want to get those types of free Word template? Here they are.

  1. The list template of medical staff address

In the first sample address book template, what can you find? Yea, there will be the title, name, specialty, status, address, office phone, fax number, and dentistry. In addition, this kind of address list template is available in such a table.

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  1. The list template of camp address

Then, the second free template in Word tells the camp address. It shows the council camp address list. For the main elements, this template covers the title, logo, mailing address, physical address, and GPS, camp ranger, also telephone, and email.

address book template in word

  1. The list template of wedding address

How about this template free Word? Actually, it is about the wedding and reception shot list. Then, it includes some components like names of bride and groom, ceremony location name, address, reception location name, and portrait alternate location name. Besides, there are also rehearsal, portraits and group shots, pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, and establishing shots.

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  1. The list template of reference

The other address book template sample will tell you about the reference list. To create this kind of template, you should write some aspects like template title, name, address, business type, contact person, title, and telephone. Moreover, you can find this template such as a table that consists of two columns.

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  1. The template of client address

Furthermore, what do you know about this Word template free? You have to see that this list template is also available in a column that shows the list of major clients category. For the first column, it tells SI numbers. The second one covers the client’s name. Then, the third one contains the client industry and the last one is about contact details and address.

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Tips to Do When Creating a Global Address List

In this part, you will find some great tips to prepare when you create an address list. Are you curious about those tips? Let’s check them in this free download Word!

  1. Select the administrators

The first tip that you have to do is choosing the administrators within your team. Here, your selected administrators will organize the address list. So, the other users will have read-only access.

  1. Make the contacts list

In this customizable Word template, it is suggested to make a list of the contacts or records that you want to add. Moreover, a list template includes various methods of sorting relevant information in an address list.

address book template customizable word design template

That is the great review of the address book template printable. Get a better understanding of it!

Sample Address Book Template

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