Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Special Guideline To Write An Outstanding Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

An administrative assistant mostly manages and organizes data and information within an office. To be hired in this position, you are supposed to prepare your resume objective as the first step. By preparing your administrative assistant resume objective, you can have a bigger chance to be qualified. To get further explanation about this topic, we have provided the description below. Keep your note close to you, so you can write down any crucial points you may consider later.

27. Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

What Are The Job Desks Of An Administrative Assistant?

Before you jump to the main part, it is better for you to understand your responsibilities as an administrative assistant. This will be very helpful in developing your administrative assistant resume objective. Check the job desks you are supposed to do if you are accepted in this position.

Contacting Clients

An administrative assistant is supposed to be able to deal with clients. He or she must answer phones and schedule meetings for the relevant clients. Once you are hired, you will also take notes in the meetings with clients and keep in contact with them well.

Manage Office Supplies

Not only deal with the clients, a person in this job should be able to manage office supplies. This person needs to handle if there are incoming packages or deliveries as well. Also, an administrative assistant must solve a problem related to the order supplies if there is misunderstanding or wrong order.

Make Reports

If you are accepted in this position, you will take responsibility to make reports and send it directly to the senior staff or stakeholders. You also need to prepare the documents for meetings and business trips.

What Skills You Should Write In Your Office Assistant Resume Objective?

Knowing skills required for a job is a must before you write an administrative assistant resume objective. This is because you can measure your capability to hold the responsibilities you will have in the future. Since you have reached this point, you can have a look at the list of this position below.

Good Communication

This skill is very essential, especially if you are applying for an administrative assistant position. The reason behind it is because you have to deal with a lot of people, not only staff and guests, but also clients and sponsors which are the partners of your business office.

Critical And Analytical Thinking

Since you will make records and report it to the senior staff, it will be wise if you master these skills. It surely helps you figure out effective ways to with good and understandable reports, so they can read the reports and make the right decision.

Outstanding Time Management

An administrative assistant has a lot of job desks to do, so it is required for you to have an outstanding skill in managing time. Once you master it, you can handle many job desks in your position.

How To An Administrative Assistant Resume Objective With No Experience?


I have no experience as an administrative assistant, yet I have acquired knowledge in many training and workshops. I hold a master degree in Administrative Management as well. To pursue my career, I want to highlight it and implement my skills to your company.


As a production manager, I am looking for an administrative assistant who can improve the company’s productivity and sales. I open the position for a fresh graduate who has no experience at all to learn and grow with us.


Looking for a company that will permit me to apply all of my skills from my bachelor’s degree as an administrative assistant. This will be a challenging position to level up my management and analytical skills in a company.

All in all, the administrative assistant resume objective given above is hoped can be useful for you. Good luck!