After Action Report Sample Template

After Action Report Template: Analyze Your Project Easily

After action report template is also called AAR. It is a report that can be used to analyze the cause and results of a certain occurrence. One of the occurrences which is related to this report template is a project. When you decide to use this template, you can get an easier way to understand what you can do for a better project outcome. Besides, the printable after action report template will also help you understand the outcome of the event participants. Therefore, just make use of this great template to analyze your project.

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What Generally Occurs in the After Action Report Template

You may find some details on this kind of report templates. While customizing, you can fill in the blank details with the information you have or need. Here are what you may find in this template.

  1. Exercise name

In this part, you can write the formal name of the exercise you have. Make sure you write it as right as possible. You can place the name of the exercise on the document header of the after-action report.

  1. Exercise date

To write an exercise date is so important for you. The right date can indicate when the exercise starts and end. So, every time you make a report, don’t forget to include the exercise date.

  1. Scope

In this part, you can write some details related to some matters like exercise type, exercise duration, exercise location, and also exercise parameters.

  1. Mission area

In your after-action report, it is important to write the mission area. So, make sure you write something about prevention, protection, and so on.

  1. Core capabilities

In this step, you can list down the core capabilities that are being exercised.

  1. Objectives

To know the objectives of certain exercise is necessary for you. In this matter, you can write the list of objectives in your after-action report.

  1. Threat or hazard

When there are threats or hazards during you follow the exercise, you can write them down in the after action report template printable. They can be natural or technological threats.

  1. Scenario

In this part, you are suggested to insert a certain overview of your exercise scenario. It can be a scenario impact. You can write this matter in 2 until 3 sentences.

  1. Sponsor

When there are sponsors for the exercise you have, you can write the name of it.

3 Benefits of Sample After Action Report Template

There 3 top benefits you will get from this template. What are they? Let’s see the answer below.

  1. Available in A4 and US Letter size

A4 and US letter size are the standard letter that is commonly used for many reports. With the availability of this template, you do not need to set up the size of your report template while customizing it.

  1. Easily editable

With Doc and PDF format, you can edit the contents or details in this template easily.

  1. Provided in business-standard fonts

With this condition, your after-action report will be acceptable for anyone who reads it.

After Action Report Improvement Plan Template

Well, that is all about the after action report template sample you need to know. Don’t forget to find some samples here that can fulfill your needs.


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