10+ Album Cover Free PSD Templates Idea

Album Cover Template: Creating the Best Design

If you want to make an album cover template, it is suggested for you to create a good one. To do it, you must have an attractive background for this cover template. Even though the cover is in black and white or even colored, you should make the album cover look so amazing. Hence, this printable album cover template will help you to tell some types of the cover template. Please focus on them!

album cover template in photoshop free download

5 Types of the Album Cover Template

In this free PSD template, it will be available for you 5 main types of cover template. Do you want to recognize those types? Just follow them well!

  1. The template of musician sample album cover

The first sample album cover template is about the musician album cover. If you want to make this kind of cover template, you can combine some beautiful colors in the cover. Those are light blue and pink. They are a great combination, aren’t they? Then, for the writing, you may use pink color and there is a white shadow for it.

album cover template in photoshop

  1. The template of green money mixtape hip hop

What about this free template in PSD? When you create a hip hop for your album cover, this template can be your good choice. You need to know that the background of this album cover looks so stylish. There will be some buildings, a black car, a hip hop model, some money, a brown gun, and red writing.

album cover template in psd design

  1. The template of the mixtape album cover

Then, this third template free PSD will show you in black background. Besides, this cover template is also embellished with a gold frame and writing. In the frame, you will see a woman model with a black mask. Actually, it looks so trendy and elegant, right?

album cover template psd template free

  1. The template of DJ album cover

Furthermore, the other album cover template sample is available in a yellow background. In the center of the cover template, you can add the photo of the DJ that is in the circle shape. Don’t forget to write the name of the DJ on the photo! So, for the album title, you can put it under the photo. Even though it is simple, but it still looks stylish.

album cover template template for photoshop

  1. The template of 80s sample CD album artwork

How about this last PSD template free? Commonly, you will find it in pink background. Then, to make it look more attractive, it allows us to add a picture of a beautiful beach with some coconut trees. If you want to put the writing, just write it in the center of the cover template!

album cover template template free psd

2 Main Uses of Making an Album Cover

You have to know that making album covers has 2 uses that you can get. What are they? Here are the uses of this customizable PSD template.

  1. Add a great touch

Greatly, making the album cover will add a professional touch to your album. It will help you to understand the content inside and make the audience understand what to expect from your album.

album cover template example psd design

  1. Complete your album

Then, this free download PSD template will complete your album. It will offer the space to include the contact details and show a great promotional for your music.

album cover template customizable psd design template

Well, that is the reference of the album cover template printable. Just create it when you need it!

Album Cover Sample Template

album cover template free download psd album cover template free psd template


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