5+ Sample Amazon Shipping Label Template

Amazon Shipping Label Template Word Editable for Safe Delivering

Develop your business thoroughly the world along with an Amazon shipping label template. This kind of label makes your products look cool. Nowadays, you can create it easily along with Word template free. Does Amazon provide a shipping label? Yes, you can purchase it and then print it alone. However, using the printable Amazon shipping template is safer to undertake by every seller. You never get a charge from Amazon and the item will arrive at the customer’s safely. It does not matter wherever the products deliver!

shipping label template template free word

Amazon Shipping Label Template Word for Cool Delivering Everywhere

Shipping relates to the delivery orders that pass the ocean until to other countries. It brings by cargo ship so the package must be safe and strong. The Amazon shipping label template sample shows the quality that looks strong and professional. Your customers will like receiving their package that label with this customizable Word template design.

shipping label template word template free

Well, the following are 12 samples of shipping label template designs Word in Amazon-style:

  1. Blue Background Color Amazon Shipping Label with Barcode
  2. Portrait Template Free Word of Amazon Shipping Label
  3. Classic Template Word Style of Gold Red Amazon Shipping Label
  4. Vintage Amazon Shipping Label Design Template
  5.  Word Template of Amazon Cruise Ship Label
  6. Packaging Amazon Shipping Label with Logo
  7. Large Amazon Shipping Label Word Template Design
  8. Barcode Label Shipping
  9. Standard Amazon Shipping Label Free Template in Word
  10. Oceanic And Shipping Themed Amazon Label Format
  11. Amazon Sail Ship Label Template Free for Word
  12. Packaging Shipping Label Amazon Free Download Word Template

shipping label template free word template

Important Things must include in your Shipping Template of Amazon Label

There are two ways to create this label such as by Amazon directly and using the templates above. But, you have known that designing it in Amazon will get charge. In the meantime, the Amazon shipping label template sample gives a quick way without charging. Besides informing on the steps, learn what you should include below:

  • Weight, volume, condition

The template samples above show editable weight, volume, and condition. You can change them according to the condition, volume, and weight of your product.

  • Time

Next, you must write the shipping date and time so the customers know when you send it. Alongside that, it is useful to know when the item will arrive.

shipping label template example word design

  • Barcode

Lastly, add a barcode where you can also change it on the customizable Word template. The barcode assists your customers in assessing any information about your shipped or purchased products.

shipping label template free download word

Is there any rule toward the size of the label? The right side of the box labels and FBA shipping are 6 x 4 inches. FBA is fulfilled by Amazon and the template Photoshop has met it. The most important thing is the Amazon shipping label template printable never bothers everyone. Nonetheless, the result is never different from you who buy it from Amazon directly. Feel free to extend your business along with the shipping label and the quality. Let the world know you and your merchandise. Remember! All steps to create the label here from downloading until ready to print are free. Choose the right paper! Thank you for reading. Success your business!


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