10+ Anniversary Card Templates PSD Free

Anniversary Card Template: Easily Provide Anniversary Card

The anniversary will be a special moment for everybody. It usually happens to a work or wedding. In this matter, you can celebrate it with your family, co-workers, or friends. When you want to invite them, you can make use of the anniversary card template. With this template, you can easily provide a number of invitation cards quickly. It can happen since this printable anniversary card template is a readily well-designed template. So, just get various kinds of this free download PSD here for free.

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Kinds of the Recommended Anniversary Card Template to Download

When you want to download some templates of the anniversary card, you can consider the following samples. Let’s check them out.

  1. Wedding Anniversary Card

This template is suitable for you who want to make a wedding anniversary card attractively. This editable template lets you give some details like year of anniversary, order to join the event, names, and time of events. For the background, it looks so clam. With a stylish grey, this PSD template free is suitable for you who like a calm impression. For the words, they are written in black.

anniversary Card psd templates

  1. Blank Anniversary Card

This is a little bit colorful template with a floral paisley pattern. The background of this template is turquoise. Since it still blanks, you can use this template for any anniversary. So, you are free to write any information about your anniversary card.

anniversary Card psd

  1. Sapphire Wedding Anniversary

If you want to have a unique anniversary card, this anniversary card template printable is the right choice for you. It has a black background with a nice design that shapes a love symbol. Then, you can write “Congratulation” and the years of anniversary.

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  1. Penguins Anniversary card

This template free PSD has a wood material and looks so cute for anyone who sees this card. In this template, there are two pictures of penguins that stare at each other. Also, this free PSD template contains a picture heart-shaped balloon that adds the cute impression of this card. If you like a cute card, just download this template.

anniversary Card templates for photoshop

  1. Elegant 50th Anniversary

For you who are celebrating a 50th anniversary or more, you can choose this template. It looks elegant with a black base, golden border, and four squares. You can add pictures or necessary details on those four squares based on your desire.

anniversary Card psd templates

What Do You Need Edit in the Sample Anniversary Card Template?

After you download this free template in PSD, you still need to edit some details to fit your needs and conditions. What are they? Just follow the explanation below to know the answer.

  1. Names

A name is the first matter to change. You need to change the names on the template with your name and your spouse.

  1. Location

In this second detail, you need to edit based on the location you hold an anniversary.

  1. Date and time

Without the right date and time, your guests cannot come to your party punctually. So, you need to edit the date and time based on the event.

anniversary Card customizable psd design templates

That is all you need to know about the anniversary card template sample. Whenever you need this customizable PSD template, just visit this page and download the most suitable template.

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Anniversary Card Template Sample

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