Appraisal report template sample

Appraisal Report Template Printable to Check Your Workers’ Performance

To run a business, you need some employees to work with you. Of course, though you have interviewed and accepted them to work at your company, you still need to check their works. Let you use an appraisal report template to examine whether or not your employees’ works to meet your company’s standard. Once you find one does not do his or her tasks well, you might warn him. Anyway, it is easy to find a printable appraisal report template. You could download it on some websites. Well, if you want, you might also visit our web. We offer you many kinds of appraisal templates in varied designs and ideas freely. Well, let’s check our appraisal performance report collection below!

Performance Appraisal Report

5+ Free Appraisal Report Samples

There are several varied appraisal report printable template ideas available on our web that might match your different purposes. They all are free to download. You just need to be online, visit our web, and click the download button that exists near the template. For your additional info, our appraisal performance report comes in the US standard language and A4 paper size. Therefore, if you want to print the template, let you prepare for A4 papers in advance. Now, let’s take a look at our varied appraisal performance report template in the following numbers below!

  1. Simple Performance Appraisal MS Word Report Sample
  2. Sample Easy to Edit Performance Workers Evaluation Report For Free
  3. Free Download Blank Doc Docx Annual Performance Report to Print
  4. Common Printable Performance Appraisal Final Report in Apple Pages
  5. General Employees Performance Report in Google Docs Format
  6. Personal Appraisal Editable Pdf Report For Free For You

Monthly Performance Report

All our appraisal templates mentioned above might have different usage. Plus, they also come in various template formats. Our sample appraisal report templates are available in MS Word, editable Pdf, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. You are free to choose one format option you like.

Creating a DIY Appraisal Report

If you are free and have a lot of spare time, you might create your DIY appraisal performance report. How? Let’s read some tips below!

  1. Our blank template. This first choice may be the easiest option to select by anyone who feels confused to start with. Well, you just need to download our blank template. Then, you might just change the unsuitable information to match your needs.
  2. Employee’s data. Each employee must be different from others. Therefore, you need to write down their data. It includes full name, birth date, absence period, company’s department, reviewing authority, headquarters, etc. Do not forget to mention the signature to make the document valid.
  3. Performance evaluation. Let you create a performance evaluation for both new workers and old workers. You might divide it to be four categories; outstanding, excellent, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory. You might add some notes of each category for workers to read.

Performance Evaluation

Finally, an appraisal report sample template helps the employee to manage all their works well to suit the standards. Download the printable appraisal template on our web now.

Appraisal report template sample

Simple Annual Performance



File File size Downloads
Performance-Evaluation 29 KB 166
Simple-Annual-Performance 759 KB 354
Monthly-Performance-Report 465 KB 144
Performance-Appraisal-Report 34 KB 154