10+ Art Lesson Plan Template PSD Design Sample

Art Lesson Plan Template: Deciding a Certain Topic to Teach

Do you an art teacher? If you do, it must be for you to make an art lesson plan, right? If you are still confused about it, don’t worry! You can find it in the art lesson plan template. You have to know that in this kind of template, you will see some examples of the templates with various designs and forms. In this case, it allows you to choose one of the templates that you want to apply. So, please follow this printable art lesson plan template!

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7 Examples of the Art Lesson Plan Template

Here, you can know some examples of the templates that you can create. To get more information about it, please give your best attention to this free PSD template!

  1. The template of the watercolor art lesson plan

You need to know that this first sample art lesson plan template is available in PDF format. The main elements in this template are the title, watercolor landscapes, focus, objectives, standards and benchmarks, resources, the time required, and materials and preparation.

art lesson plan in psd design

  1. The template of kindergarten art lesson plan

This second free template in PSD is also provided in PDF form. It contains important components like grade level, date, instructional focus, medium, visual art standard, vocabulary, activity, art element, goals, resources, and materials.

art lesson plan psd templates

  1. The template of the visual art lesson plan

What about this third free download PSD? Yea, you will see that the elements are abstract, aesthetic, arts and culture, art elements, blind contour drawing, cognitive academic approach, and color.

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  1. The template of free high school art lesson plan

In this art lesson plan template sample, what can you find? To write this template, you have to include the title, introduction, objectives, instructional objectives, and materials.

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  1. The template of the textured landscape art lesson plan

Furthermore, what can you infer with this template free PSD? Yea, the components that you have to write in this lesson plan template are the title, related subjects, grades, and medium. There are also authors, time required, summary, and objectives.

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  1. The template of free art think the lesson plan

How about this customizable PSD template? Actually, it covers the elements of theme, objectives, procedures, grade level, introduction, studio activity, and closure.

art lesson plan psd templates

  1. The template of differentiated language arts lesson plan

You will see that this kind of template is available in the format of PDF. Then, it tells the title, content, differentiated process, and product and present findings.

How to Write an Art Lesson Plan for Preschool

If you are an art teacher and want to make an art lesson plan, here are the tips that you can follow. Let’s check them in this PSD template free!

  1. Determine the theme

The first tip that you should do is determining the theme of the art lesson plan. It is, of course, the theme that you want to teach.

  1. Choose the material

In this tip, you have to choose a specific material. Here, please be a focus on how to use and manipulate the materials to create different pieces!

  1. Select the technique

This tip lets you select the technique that you want to use for teaching.

art lesson plan customizable psd design templates

It is about the art lesson plan template printable. Apply it well!

Art Lesson Plan Template Sample

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